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Enrich your company culture with our employee rewards, on-spot recognition, feedback and wellness solutions designed for today’s global workforce.

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Better Engagement. Accelerated Performance. Team Driven Culture.
Companies that value the well-being of their employees, acknowledge and recognize them, builds a work culture that increases productivity, retain employees, and push boundaries together.

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Employee rewards, on-spot recognition, perks, feedback, and wellness solutions
designed for today’s global workforce.

Vantage Rewards


Reward and recognize employees’ efforts instantly and motivate them to be more efficient and productive.

Vantage Perks


Hand-picked discounts exclusively for corporate employees from hundreds of top brands.

Vantage Fit


A health and wellness application that promote overall health and well-being of your employees.

Vantage Pulse


Enhance employee experience with real-time employee feedback and actionable data.

Driving Engagement at Workplace

At Vantage Circle, we help corporates to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective employee benefits package to their employees that drives employee engagement and improves productivity.

Our platform is specially designed for attracting and retaining key employees, through a range of privilege programs such as corporate offers, rewards and recognition, health and wellness, and others.

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