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  • Industry : Higher Education
  • Company Size : 50 - 200 employees
  • Headquarters : Marlborough, Massachusetts
  • Type : Privately Held
  • Founded : 2017

Company profile

iSchoolConnect is an artificially intelligent platform that simplifies the school selection and application process, giving students the ability to one-click apply to multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programs worldwide. The company was started in 2017 and working relentlessly to give learners the seamless experience to find their dream colleges.

Challenges and Opportunities

iSchoolConnect has a culture of rewarding its employees every month for all their effort. And they do it with all their heart and do not take it for granted. 

The major challenges the company had to face were

  • To find a reward platform that makes their rewarding experience seamless.
  • To find a reward platform that could give its employees the freedom to choose their own rewards rather than restricting it to a merchant website or some random voucher.
  • To bring more transparency and clarity to the rewarding process.
  • To track, monitor, and automate the rewarding process.

iSchoolconnect was looking for a reward and recognition platform that could solve these challenges and provide its employees with the best experience.


Vantage Circle’s Rewards and Recognition Module (Vantage Rewards) gives companies the freedom to make their reward system seamless. Vantage Rewards encourages not only meaningful employee recognition but also boosts overall employee participation and morale. And this is what iSchoolConnect was looking for in a rewarding platform.

Our solution provided a common platform for all the employees of iSchoolConnect. We also drove behaviour towards engagement and recognition by showcasing leaderboards among teams and metrics for management to follow through. Our mobile platform catered to teams who may not be sitting on computers and millennials who were more engaged with mobile platforms. Our Reward catalog allowed individuals to choose in selection.

The Results

Vantage Rewards helped iSchoolConnect to streamline rewards distribution and management.

It reduced their turnaround time and allowed employees to choose their rewards with gift cards from the global catalog of in-store and online retailers.

Point-based rewarding automated their rewarding process and helps them bring clarity and transparency to the process.   

The admin dashboard portal helped them keep track of their employee engagement and provided insightful data patterns to leverage.

Quote from the HR Business Partner, iSchoolConnect

After implementing Vantage Rewards, the quality of work from our data research team has increased, which in turn has increased the quality of work for our ML team, and that reflects in the work of the Web Development Team.