About the Organization


  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Company Size: 50 - 200 employees
  • Headquarters: Marlborough, Massachusetts
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2017

Key Objective

The objective was to procure a reward solution that was simple and easy to implement while addressing the goal in the fastest turnaround possible.

Problem Statements

iSchoolConnect has a culture of rewarding its employees every month for all their effort. The process of rewarding them was manual, which made it hectic and resulted in inconsistent tracking.

The major challenges the company had to face were

  • To find a reward platform that makes their rewarding experience seamless.
  • To find a reward platform that could give its employees the freedom to choose their own rewards rather than restricting it to a merchant website or some random voucher.
  • To bring more transparency and clarity to the rewarding process.
  • To track, monitor, and automate the rewarding process.

Client Testimony