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Case Study - Leading Telecom Industry enhanced employee engagement with Vantage Rewards


  • Industry : Telecommunications
  • Company Size : 12000+ employees
  • Type : Privately Held
  • Geographic distribution of staff: Global

Company profile

Our client is one of the top MNC’s in India. This telecom giant serves the global market with over 12000+ employees scattered across all the regions.


The company believes that “Digital Reward and Recognition” is the fastest way of recognizing employees and is an important pillar that impacts employee engagement. It offers a better experience and enables recognition – anytime, anywhere.

The company wanted a platform to increase the social value associated with recognition while providing seamless recognition and comprehensive award redemption for their employees. It needed an easily-customizable and cost-effective platform to serve a diverse and huge employee base with different geographical locations.


Our rewards and recognition platform (Vantage Rewards) provided a common platform for all employees globally. With multiple badges and awards, the organization could promote a culture of appreciation within its ranks and increase employee visibility. We created recognition badges and aspirational rewards that aligned with the core values of the company.

The Results

  • It increased their participation and helped the teams to recognize their peers more efficiently.
  • Improved use of the platform over time-based on our communication strategy.
  • Improved performance based on recognition.
  • Increased engagement on all core values.
  • The leaderboard feature served to instill a sense of competition.

HR thoughts on the Vantage Rewards

We migrated to the VC platform just when a nation-wide lockdown was announced. We became apprehensive of the go-live, but the Vantage Circle team worked dedicatedly to ensure go-live happens as planned. We went for an agile launch, gradually adding features relevant to us. The team’s ability to understand the client’s requirements and then customizing the platform to ‘make it happen’ is commendable. Vantage Circle team keeps adding exciting features that are livelier and useful.