Digitize Employee Recruitment Process

It’s Time to Digitize Your Recruitment Process

Posted by Anja Zojčeska | Guest Author
September 25, 2018

Digitizing your recruitment process will help you stay competitive in the job market and recruit the best candidates. It will also make your life much easier! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to digitize your recruitment process!

Why do you need to digitize your recruitment process?

We live in a digital world where everything is available at the touch of a screen. If you haven’t already digitized your whole recruitment process, you are way behind!

Modern digital savvy candidates expect a seamless digital candidate experience. If you can’t offer that, you will be unable to find and hire your ideal job candidates.

Also, there are many recruitment technology solutions you will kick yourself for not knowing since they can make your life much easier!

Benefits of digitizing your recruitment process

Here are the top 5 benefits of digitizing your recruitment process:

benefits of digitizing recruitment process

Benefit #1: Improved candidate experience

Digitizing your recruitment process will improve candidate experience at every step of a candidate journey.

Benefit #2: Reaching more candidates

Digitizing your recruitment process will enable you to reach more candidates using modern sourcing tools and social media.

Benefit #3: Automation of repetitive tasks

Digitizing your recruitment process will automate repetitive, time-consuming recruiting tasks, such as resume screening and parsing, scheduling interviews, etc.

Benefit #4: Lower recruiting costs

Digitizing your recruitment process will help you achieve better results in less time, which means you will spend less money.

Benefit #5: Data-driven decision making

Digitizing your recruitment process will help you track the most important recruiting metrics and leverage the power of data-driven recruiting.

How did leading companies digitize their recruitment process?

Example #1: Shell

According to a case study, Shell receives over 100,000 applications for their global graduate program each year for fewer than 1,000 technical and commercial positions. To stay competitive in the market with job seekers, Shell wanted to create a streamlined assessment approach that could be delivered through available technology.

How has digitization changed Shell’s recruitment process?

Digitization enabled Shell to enhance candidate assessment data, boost candidate experience, leverage technology and make structural changes that improve cost-effectiveness, scalability, and efficiency of their recruitment process.

Example #2: Unilever

Leena Nair, chief HR officer at Unilever, says: “We have digitized the entire recruitment process.”

How has digitization changed Unilever’s recruitment process?

Digitization has made Unilever’s recruitment process simpler, faster and more fun for candidates!

Candidates don’t even need to submit a CV if they want to work at Unilever. Their information is simply picked up by Unilever from LinkedIn. In the next stage, candidates go through a three-stage process of gamification, selfie video, and interviews. In the first stage, they play games on their phones. Then they go through a selfie video answering standard questions. Based on this gamification and selfie video, and using machine learning and algorithm, Unilever analyses the data and chooses the best candidates.

How can you digitize your own recruitment process?

digitize employee recruitment

There are many different HR tools you can use to digitize different stages of your recruitment process.

You can choose between many different sourcing tools, recruitment marketing tools, candidate relationship platforms, applicant tracking systems, employee referral tools, candidate testing and assessments tools, video interviewing tools, etc.

The newest trend is all-in-one recruitment software which delivers the benefits of many other, specialized recruitment tools under one platform.

The best way to choose the right HR tool is to identify your recruiting goals and challenges.

Conclusion: It’s time to digitize your recruitment process!

Digitizing your recruitment process will help you recruit the best talent for your company easier and faster. By digitizing your recruitment process your recruitment efforts will become more effective and productive. Not to mention that your life will become much easier.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to digitize your recruitment process!

About Anja Zojčeska | Guest Author

Anja Zojčeska is an HR enthusiast and a Recruitment Marketing Specialist at the recruitment software company TalentLyft. She is curious about the latest marketing trends and passionate about applying them in recruitment.

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