By, clicking on this tab, you may be required to provide your personal information (example: name, address, date of birth, age, sex, government issued ids etc.) or sensitive personal information or data (example: financial information, mental or physical health, sexual orientation etc.). By pressing the “Accept” button, you confirm and acknowledge that


Cognizant is only enabling a platform for associates to exchange information’s related to their goods and does not have any obligation towards the associates on the transaction undertaken by the associates using the platform. Cognizant is neither liable nor responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the associates upon using the platform. The associate herewith acknowledges that they have voluntarily and out of their free will using the platform for their personal interest and Cognizant bears no responsibility on any of the transaction including financial transactions.

Associates acknowledge that Cognizant does not conduct a background check or due diligence on the goods or information displayed on the platform. The transaction completely rests between the associates and Cognizant bears no responsibility if any transaction isn’t honored. The platform doesn’t facilitate any bank transfer/exchange of cash.

The associate herewith acknowledges that the Employer i.e. Cognizant has not made any representation with regard to the vendor or the services provided under the respective schemes. The Employer i.e. Cognizant is only facilitating a platform for you to avail services of your own accord and makes no representation, guarantee on the vendor or the services.

The associate herewith agrees not to make any claims against the Employer i.e. Cognizant for any loss, damages, costs, fines or expenses etc. incurred by you or any third party due to the services obtained under this platform.


Hosting of Third Party Items

Products which are not directly owned or belong to associates cannot be hosted on the Cognizant Classifieds platform.

Posting advertisements for below items is strictly prohibited and can lead to disciplinary action against the associate

  1. Products from Amway, Tupperware etc.
  2. Publishing ads from third-party real estate agents / Landlords
  3. Selling bus/train/movie tickets – sale of items which is banned
  4. Duplicate / multiple advertisements for the same product
  5. Ads promoting/ favoring a particular religion, caste, creed.
  6. Advertisements with photos which are obscene in nature or bear no relevance to the product being offered
  7. Posting fake photos of the product which do not represent the original/ true condition of the item
  8. Any product which is prohibited under the law
  9. Shall not engage in any transaction with colleagues or their relatives which shall lead to a close personal or financial relationship which leads to a potential conflict of interest scenario.
  10. Associate shall strictly adhere to Cognizant Code of Ethics while providing information and using the platform. As Cognizant Associates, we have a responsibility to conduct business only in Cognizant’s best interests—not based on our personal relationships or any benefits we might seek. There are times in which we may have a personal or financial stake in the outcome of a decision, as well as influence over that decision. In these situations, putting our personal interests before Cognizant’s creates a conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest (or even something that only seems like one) can have serious consequences for our Company, so we have to disclose real or potential conflicts right away. Not every real or perceived conflict will violate Cognizant’s Standards, but to protect ourselves we must disclose any such concern to a member of Cognizant Legal Department or Chief Compliance Officer so it can be resolved.

Note: The above-stated guidelines are indicative in nature and are not an exhaustive list. Cognizant reserves the right to revoke an advertisement and take disciplinary action against any associate if the nature of advertisement is found to be prejudicial to its interest beyond the aforesaid grounds mentioned

Sharing of Personal Information

Associates are the sole responsibility of uploading, sharing, disclosing, processing and storing etc. personal information of each other as per the law of land. The choice to share personal details (apart from Cognizant email id) like full name, address, personal phone number, bank details, photos etc. rests solely with the associate posting the advertisement or making an offer or associate purchasing the goods. In case of any misuse of this personal information, the associate undertakes the responsibility for such consequences and Cognizant bears no responsibility under any scenario.

You herewith acknowledge that you are obtaining the services from the platform out of your free will, understanding the nature of engagement and the related risk therein.

The Employer i.e. Cognizant and its directors, employees shall not be responsible/liable for any loss and/or misuse of your personal and sensitive personal information or data shared with the vendors;

Any associate found violating the above-mentioned guidelines and misusing the Classifieds portal is liable to face appropriate disciplinary action initiated in line with the internal disciplinary rules of Cognizant.

Also, I submit and undertake the complete responsibility of the content and nature of the advertisement to be uploaded on Cognizant Classified portal. I herewith undertake to indemnify Cognizant from any claims, loss or damage suffered by Cognizant due to me not honoring any transaction under the platform and for the post of an advertisement or information provided by me. I take complete responsibility for sharing my personal details like phone number, residential address etc.