An integrated health and wellness program,
designed for corporate employees!

Introducing Vantage Fit – A customizable mobile-first health and wellness application aiming to rejuvenate overall wellness of your employees.
Meal Tracking

Meal Tracking

Employees can keep track of their daily food intake easily and effortlessly and take conscious decisions to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Calorie Counter

The Calorie Intake Counter calculates the number of calories consumed in a day and is designed to make suggestions for improving food habits.

Personalized Recommendations

Ensures the well-being of all your employees. The calorie counter studies their consumption behaviors and provides a personalized diet plan by tracking the caloric intake daily.
Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Keeping a check on their fitness life becomes easier for employees with the Vantage Fit Activity calculator.

Real-time Tracking

Employees can effortlessly track their daily, weekly and monthly activities, all in real-time.

Automatic Synchronization

The information entered by the employee regarding their fitness activities gets synced and updated automatically.
Create Contests

Create Contests

Competition creates healthy sportsmanship. Create contests such as Walkathon, Marathon, Cyclothon and drive innovation, motivation and efficiency within your workforce.


Shows the names, rankings and scores of the leading competitors.

Trophies and Badges

Congratulate employees with trophies and badges for every contest won, every level cleared to drive motivation and efficiency within your workforce.
Reward Points

Reward Points

With our Health and Wellness Program, employees can be rewarded on completing a workout or clearing a level of physical activity.

Fitness Points

Reward employees with points on their achievements and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and motivate their peers to do the same.

Gift Card Redemption

The points earned can be easily redeemed as gift cards against a wide range of in-store and online channel partners.
Realtime Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

A real-time dashboard giving you insights into every aspect of your employees’ health and fitness activities.

Manage Campaigns

Get a snapshot of the overall health of your company’s wellness initiative.You can send notifications to inform employees about upcoming contests and create health awareness among them.

Monitor Health Habits

You can check your employees’ health habits and motivate them to take up a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle. Track their participation rates in contests and giveaways.

Promote health and well-being at your workplace and build a positive and caring image!

Improve productivity in your organization

Poor employee productivity can be characterised as being physically present at work but not actually working. Poor productivity is a result of an unbalanced lifestyle. But a healthy and balanced lifestyle correlates to increased productivity at job.

Decrease absenteeism of your employees

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for employees decreases their absenteeism owing to better health behaviour, high morale and low stress. Any program that can reduce absenteeism is cost saving and a smart investment for the organization.

Reduce stress and anxiety among employees

Occupational stress is so common these days that is is almost considered as the norm. One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Healthy lifestyle brings benefits such as reverse stress response, endorphin rush, a release of frustration.

Reduce health related risks

It is a well-established fact that healthy practices prevent health risks, which leads to lower risks of chronic diseases such as elevated blood glucose, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure. An effective health and wellness program in a organization has the ability to reduce worker compensation claims and health care costs.

If health is the essence of your brand, it all starts with taking the health of your workforce very seriously.

Marnix Eikenboom
Managing Director, Danone


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