Microsoft Teams make the recognition process easy and simple while keeping the workforce involved and confident. With Microsoft Teams and Vantage Circle integration, we aim to provide you with the best Rewards and Recognition platform with a friendly user experience for better employee engagement.

MS teams Integration-Vantage Circle

What you can do with Microsoft Teams Integration?


Now appreciate your peer in the form of non-monetary awards with different badges to boost their morale.


Nominate your peer for a job well done in the form of monetary awards and give away Vantage points at your convenience.

Social Feed

Elevate the employee experience levels with our user-friendly and dynamic social feed on the go.

Approve and Decline Nominations

Managers can approve or decline any nomination to maintain a smoother rewards process.


Easy accessibility of leaderboard to keep check of the employees that have gained the highest number of awards.


Users have the flexibility to access the integrated Microsoft Teams through the website and mobile application.

Tutorial: How to start Appreciating & Nominating using Vantage Circle inside Microsoft Teams

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Redeem Vantage Points into Gift Cards

Now redeem Vantage Points on the go and convert them into Gift Cards from a wide range of global catalogs.
Added bonus- Employees never have to worry about the expiration of Vantage Points.

MS Teams Nominate Command

Collaboration Unites Team and Motivates the Workplace

Make appreciation a part of your organizational culture with Microsoft Teams and Vantage Circle. It’s easy, effortless, and rewarding.

Quick Appreciation

Swift appreciation for a job well done
to boost employee confidence.

Prompt Awarding

Build your employees’ morale and with flexible employee recognition and rewarding processes.

Hassle-Free Integration

Optimized integration process to onboard your teams in a fast and seamless way.

Open Communication Channels

Stay connected with your team and promote collaboration for greater accomplishments.

Encourage Engagement

A user-friendly interface for a smooth experience that enhances engagement levels.

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