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Microsoft Teams make the recognition process easy and simple while keeping the workforce involved and confident. With Microsoft Teams and Vantage Circle integration, we aim to provide you with the best Rewards and Recognition platform with a friendly user experience for better engagement.

MS teams Integration-Vantage Circle

The Vantage Rewards application allows

Quick Appreciation

Open communication channels

Prompt awarding

Hassle-free integration

Instant Recognition

Build your employees’ morale and boost their confidence with a regular recognition process.

Encourage Engagement

A user-friendly interface for a smooth experience that enhances engagement levels.

Collaboration and Connection

Stay connected with your team and promote collaboration for greater accomplishments.


A simpler appreciation process means an increased number of recognition for employees.
And the Microsoft Team integration with Vantage Circle is all about that with a simple
@vantagerewards and @recognize command.

MS Teams Appreciate Command


Rewarding multiple employees for their exceptional hard work just got a whole lot easier with
Microsoft Teams and Vantage Circle integration. Just type in the @vantagerewards and
@recognize command and further select the nominate option..

MS Teams Nominate Command

Select the available reward categories and select the designated approver.

On successful completion, you will receive a confirmation message and the designated approver will be notified about the award.

That’s it. And you will be done with the nomination process with these simple and easy to understand steps.

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