Employee Childcare Benefits Program

Ensure a stress-free life for your employees.
Extend them a helping hand through the Vantage Circle Childcare Benefit Program.
There comes a time in every employee's life where it becomes quite difficult for them to create a balance between their professional and personal fronts. It turns out to be the responsibility of the employer to provide the employee with facilities that would help in balancing the work-life, to create a stress-free and productive environment in the workplace.

Employees sometimes live with the guilt that they are not being able to provide much time and care to their children. Vantage Circle understands these emotions and thus, presents before you a one-of-a-kind childcare service for the corporate employees in India.

What you get from us?

  • A range of preschool and daycare centre options in the city of your choice.
  • Offers in the form of discounts or other special services from the tie-up preschools or daycare centres.
  • Support from our team relating to contacting and managing the preschool and daycare centre procedures.

Only a stress-free personal life can make your work life productive. We will be glad to provide you a helping hand. Just contact us!

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