Employee Merchandise Solution

Surf through a wide range of corporate gifts presented in the Vantage Circle Merchandise Platform.
Wouldn't it be a nice gesture if you could reward your employees with gifts on special occasions? Or reward the best performers with premium gift products?

Vantage Circle presents before you the concept of corporate merchandising with a smooth supply and distribution structure. We provide the corporate employees a separate platform to order and buy corporate products in bulks. From office furniture, office stationary to premier products like jewellery, you can avail a wide range of products.

Currently, we are providing this service to Bajaj Allianz through a separate platform of corporate products merchandising.

How are we different? We are a user friendly platform where you don't have to go through the troublesome task of contacting the suppliers and keeping a track of them. We do this all for you. You just need to order, sit back and wait for the products to be delivered.


  • Bulk Orders for all.
  • Premier products for the specifics.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use platform.
Employee Merchandise Solution
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