Employee Rewards & Recognition

Recognize, Engage, Motivate and Reward your employees and channel partners through Vantage Circle Rewards & Recognition program.
Employee motivation is an integral part of any organisation. The happier the employees, the merrier the work environment, the more extensive the work productivity. To stay up at the game of competition, corporates, nowadays, focus more on improving the human resource quality of the orgnisation. Employee reward and recognition programs are the big boosters of motivation for the employees. Also, businesses are adopting employee engagement programs with a view to create a lively and active work environment.

So, why should you remain in the backseat? Recognise and reward your hard working superstars!

We present before you, the Vantage Circle reward and recognition program- an integrated platform for employees to gain and redeem rewards. Our main aim is to provide a platform of rewards for the corporate employees. Out platform believes in energising the user employees through our specialised employee engagement programs.

The highlights of the program for the employees

  • You can share your earned points from the employee rewards program with colleagues as a token of appreciation and recognition.
  • Boast your achievement of earning Vantage Points on the Leader Board
  • Motivate yourself with experiential gift cards for dining out, weekend breaks, adventure sports and more
  • Vantage Points validity for more than 1 year.
  • Get detailed and easy-to-understand analytics on the points available and redeemed.
Let your employees grab the fruits of their dedication. Join our corporate employee rewards and recognition program. Motivate, engage and reward your employees and get ready to see those happy faces!
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