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Admin Dashboard

A structured, categorized, and meaningful overview of the survey metrics. Click here to learn more.

As an admin, you have the ability to identify and measure the drivers of the engagement and get the overall employee engagement score. Correlate survey results with organizational goals to see a boost in performance and satisfaction.

Admins can view the change in the levels of the engagement scores and resulting trends, such as the user participation rate and the eNPS score, of the survey results.

Highlighted results inform admins of the problem areas and the positive aspects of the organizational culture. Respond quickly and effectively to see an increase in engagement scores.

Vantage Pulse

Internal Benchmarks

Data-driven benchmarks let you analyze organizational performance and set realistic targets.

Analyze average scores of benchmarks across the organization. Measure high and weak performance by segmenting results and comparing individual team scores.

Identify through an easy representation of how employee engagement can vary due to age, tenure, gender, department, job level, and office location.

Excludes the impact of uncontrollable external influences and focusing on internal factors that are influencing the engagement levels.

Vantage Pulse


Enhance survey results by including the workforce in the feedback loop. Click here to learn more.

Throughout the feedback loop, employees can be assured that their feedback is kept anonymous.

Survey takers get the ability to share their views and ideas anonymously through the comments feature while taking the survey.

The conversation features give admins the ability to acknowledge and follow up on the comments provided in the survey by the employees.

Vantage Pulse

Advanced Tracking

Clear insights about real-time feedback collected by asking the right questions from 30+ categories.

Reducing survey fatigue for both the survey analyzers and the survey takers by distributing categorized questions that are fast, easy, and engaging.

Survey questions are distributed from multiple categories which present the benefit of having a complete view of the aspects influencing the engagement levels.

Heatmaps highlighting the engagement scores of various categories by using color to represent the different values. Receive quick context needed to take prompt action.

The data from the survey roll in as soon as the employees start participating in the survey. The participant rate will keep track of the survey takers vs the survey audience.

Vantage Pulse

Built For Enterprises

Receive feedback specific to multiple agile teams and departments.

The bigger your survey audience size, the more reliable your data will be. In addition to being effective for all sizes of organizations, Vantage pulse helps you to gather engagement data distinct to your teams.

Gain the ability to collect, segment, and analyze survey data for multiple agile teams. Insights can be viewed as specific to teams, roles, gender, and cities.

Vantage Pulse

Easy Customization

Customize the Vantage Pulse survey according to your organizational goals.

Customization is as easy as creating a survey, deciding the frequency, selecting the target audience, and reviewing the end results.

Even after a Pulse survey is live, you get the ability to make any necessary changes through the update feature.

Customised introductory videos, teaser emaThe demo feature allows you to experience and use the survey before setting it live.

Vantage Pulse

Multiple Platforms

The Pulse survey provides cross-platform functionality so that giving feedback is easier.

Vantage Pulse is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be accessed through smartphones, tabs, or web interface.

No matter where an employee is from, Vantage Pulse is easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

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