Vantage Rewards

Efficient Budget Management

Get an overview of the amount allocated to, debited, credited and the balance remaining over a period of time.

Allocate your predefined budget country-wise, the amount to be given and specify the person you wish to allocate the budget to.

Get the entire budget allocation history- allocated by, allocated to, the date of allocation and the amount allocated all in a single report.

Vantage Rewards

On-spot Rewarding

Give employees the freedom to choose what they want as rewards. Admins or managers can assign points as rewards to an individual, team or an entire department.

Allocate points in bulk to teams, departments or numerous employees by simply uploading a CSV file.

Never forget your employees’ birthday or work anniversaries again. With this feature, employees will be automatically awarded on their special day.

Managers can nominate their team members and assign reward points to their account.

Department heads or HR team members can approve or disapprove the nominations made by the managers.

Vantage Rewards

Rewards Redemption

Give employees the flexibility to choose gift cards from popular in-store and online brands.

The points earned as rewards can be redeemed on an eclectic range of categories like fashion, electronics, travel, dining and more.

Once points are redeemed by employees, gift card details are sent instantly to their emails.

Redeem points as gift cards from top brands in all major countries around the world. Enjoy benefits that never stops.

Vantage Rewards

Peer-to-peer Recognition

Get the competitive streak going. Celebrate the winners, flaunt achievements and display milestones with our fun and easy-to-use social leaderboard.

Real-time appreciation by giving likes and posting comments on our highly interactive social platform.

Make recognition more impactful. Amplify connections and build collaboration with our modernized group recognition tools.

Encourage timely and frequent recognition. Stay up-to-date with all the happenings across the company with our customized social feed.

Reward your employee’s performance instantly with on-the-spot recognition to boost morale and performance.

Vantage Rewards

Management Dashboard

Customize Admin roles with advanced user permissions having various role distinctions such as Super Admins and Admins.

Update regular announcements and send compelling emails to get your employees engaged with the latest news and product launches.

Create and allocate Awards and Badges as recognition of accomplishments and hard work towards fulfilling the organization’s goals and objectives.

Vantage Rewards

White Label Solution

Get a custom landing page for user registration and get access to login with a subdomain made just for your organization.

Get your company’s logo and color in the website and the mobile app and promote your company’s branding.

Customised introductory videos, teaser emails, launch mailers, user manuals reflecting your organization’s culture and needs.

SSO allows our platform to integrate easily with any HRMS and makes it easy for you to onboard.

Enjoy uninterrupted access, anywhere and anytime.

Vantage Rewards

Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

You can generate reports for the points allocated to individuals, teams, and departments for a specified date range.

Detailed reports on the points redeemed by employees classified on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Download or export reports in the form of spreadsheets to track and manage rewards given out to employees.

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