How it works?

Vantage Rewards cloud-based employee recognition platform is designed to help organizations effectively acknowledge their employees on the go. The platform is equipped with an interactive social dashboard to help managers and employees appreciate their colleagues and peers. To make on-spot recognition more fun and meaningful, the platform comes pre-loaded with various awards and badges. Managers and employees can also nominate their team members and peers for various awards, whereas the admin can decide on the approval process and assign roles as per the organizational hierarchy.

Why Choose Us?

Vantage Recognition
Cloud-based platform

Scalable & Easy to Use

Recognize every achievement of your employees no matter big or small with employee recognition platform that is both easy to use and scalable to go with organizations of any size.

Point-based rewards

Social Engagement

The social dashboard feature makes recognizing your employees even more interactive by putting the word in front of everyone in your organization on their feed for them to like and comment.

Automated Rewarding

Peer to Peer Recognition

Motivate a better work culture amongst your employees by encouraging them to recognize their peers and cheer them for their efforts.

Extensive Reward Catalogue

Multiple Award Types

Recognize every achievement uniquely with multiple award types and appreciate your employees for their constant efforts across multiple domains.

Vantage Recognition
Vantage Recognition


Enhanced Company Culture

Build a superior company culture and push your employees to achieve higher goals by delivering timely appreciation for their work.

Better Workplace Camaraderie

Promote better workplace relationships by making employee recognition a part of your company practice.

Instant Gratification

Our cloud-based platform makes sure you never miss an opportunity to give on-spot recognition to your esteemed employees who bring success to your organization.

Customizable Nomination Process

Implement your own nomination rules for your Rewards & Recognition efforts that fit in perfectly with our organizational values.

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