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Employee Engagement – Back to Basics

5th Nov, 2020 | 3 PM IST

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Employee engagement is the sentiment that binds an employee to the organization. The more engaged a workforce is the higher will be the rate of productivity, morale, and even customer satisfaction.

Enhancing the level of engagement has thus quickly become a top priority for major businesses worldwide. It’s high time we understand the major drivers behind it to unlock the full potential of our workforce.

In this webinar, our expert panel of speakers will be talking about the concept of employee engagement and how can organizations make significant changes that elevate the effectiveness of their engagement measures.

Join this webinar and learn

  • Discover the basic drivers of employee engagement.
  • Exploring and debunking the myths surrounding employee engagement.
  • Understand the fundamental employee demographics and the respective drivers influencing their engagement.
  • Deep analysis of the diverse tools and practices that can be utilized to engage an employee in their lifecycle.
  • High impact touchpoints, peer mentoring, early warning systems, manager assimilation, and more such aspects that affect engagement are presented.
  • A detailed Q&A session to wrap up the discussion.
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