[Live Webinar] Measuring Employee Engagement and Acting on Feedback

27th Nov, 2020 | 3 PM IST

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Measuring the levels of engagement is pivotal for organizations worldwide. With the right tools and practices, measuring engagement will help you uncover the reasons behind critical organizational issues such as satisfaction, turnover, retention, and performance.

To truly boost your employee engagement strategies, it’s important to act on the feedback gathered from your people. Employee feedback presents the perfect opportunity to measure the abstractness of “employee engagement” by highlighting your organizational strengths and weaknesses.

In this webinar, our guest speakers, Anjali & Saurabh, will be discussing the ideal methods of measuring engagement and how collecting critical employee feedback ensures that the evolving needs and voices of employees are taken into account.

Join this webinar for the following key takeaways

  • Decoding employee engagement
  • Overview of traditional v/s emerging approaches to measure engagement; how to pick what works for your company.
  • How to administer employee engagement measurement – tools and process.
  • How to analyze and act on engagement feedback.
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