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Humans are hard to understand and manage! A tough task for the employer, dissatisfied employees ultimately mean reduction in productivity of the human resource. The main task of the human resource managers can be described as integrating individualistic goals with the organisational goals.
Individual employee goals + Organisational goals = High Productivity

But these individual priorities and goals may differ from one to another employee. For some its all about high earnings for investments, for some- higher career goals, or for some its all about shopping at lesser prices with their earnings.

The current human resource management scenario deliberates the fact that employers need to break the norm and adopt some unconventional ways of rewarding employees.

Here comes the need for a platform that can assist the corporate employers in rewarding and providing recreational engagement activities for their employees. Solution? - Vantage Circle!

The single platform where you can avail a wide range of employee privileges and employee engagement programs -- Vantage Circle! We are a hassle-free, user friendly and convenient platform for the corporate employees to avail. Check out some of the features that makes us stand out of the crowd.

Corporate Discounts

Vantage Circle is all about employee benefits. We provide the basic privilege - reasonable corporate discounts on the tie-up brands. These corporate discounts can be availed in the Exclusive Deals and Online Deals Section of the user's account. Just imagine, you will be getting Vantage Points as well, over and above the corporate discounts! This is only possible at Vantage Circle.

Employee Engagement Activities

"All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy." Everyone needs a minimum quantum of fun and frolic in their lives and employees are no exceptions. We at Vantage Circle provide various employee engagement activites for the registered users. Quizzes and other games are launched from time to time for the employees to play, enjoy and also earn rewards in the form of Vantage Points. Also, happiness gets doubled when you can share your achievements with others. Vantage Circle gives an opportunity to the users to share their achievements of earning Vantage Points in the Share Section.
So, let your employees register with us, to gain an entertaining experience!

Fit and Fabulous

Who doesn't want to be fit and fabulous? Vantage Circle has introduced for its users a one-of-a-kind application to look after the health and wellness of its employees. With the success of this feature, a few other companies also approached us to design similar applications for their employees. Weekly games and contests have become the source of motivation for the employees to head towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

Vantage Circle aims to be India's best one-stop-shop that enables corporate users to enjoy corporate discounts and offers on branded products and various services across Restaurants, Electronics, Spa, Automobiles, Insurance, and more.

Our goal is to become the biggest employee privilege and employee engagement platform in India. With our cash-back program we aim to offer maximum reward points to the users over and above the already existing discounts that are present on the commercial shopping sites.
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