Vantage Pulse

Make Better Decisions with Real-time Employee Feedback.

A powerful employee survey tool that helps you measure employee engagement, boost performance and improve company morale in the workplace.

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Vantage Pulse

Vantage Pulse

Enhance employee experience with real-time employee feedback and actionable data.

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Vantage Pulse

Leverage the power of data.

Enhance employee experience with real-time employee feedback and actionable data.

Vantage Pulse Vantage Pulse Vantage Pulse

Empower Employees

Even a simple survey questionnaire empowers your employees to express their opinions, views, and concerns.

Employee Engagement

Vantage Pulse lets you collect, measure and, optimize the level of employee engagement in your organization.

Setting Benchmarks

Implement industry best practices that work for your employees while improving business outcomes.

Enhance Communication

Vantage Pulse enables the management to continuously gain employee feedback and creates a framework for communication in the organization.

Organizational Awareness

These surveys create organizational awareness by addressing the critical as well as minor issues of the workplace.

Mobile Friendly

Vantage Pulse integrates the seamless features of our web survey software and is compatible with all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

Features at a Glance

Increase communication and transparency, improve and measure your culture, and reduce your company turnover.

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Grasp the Pulse

See a higher response rate with an easy, fast and visually appealing survey tool designed to understand the ‘pulse’ of your organization.

Ask Right Questions

Ask relevant questions from 30+ categories that provides a precise snapshot of your employee engagement and enables you to gain impactful insights.

Built for Teams

No matter the size of your organization, Vantage Pulse equips you with the ability to gain feedback specific to different teams and departments.


With Vantage Pulse, you can easily customize and set the frequency of the survey, the number of questions asked and when to run the survey.

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Track Engagement

Identify and measure the drivers of engagement and get an overall employee engagement score. Correlate survey results with performance level and boost company productivity.

Gain Real-time Insights

Overcome the gap between feedback and action with real-time insights. Get the right data from your workforce exactly when you need it.

Compatible with all Devices

Stay connected to your employees across mobile and web platforms.

Universal Accessibility

We understand that every opinion counts. Vantage Pulse consists of a standardized set of questions designed for audiences across the globe.

Data-driven Predictions

Use data-driven results to analyze trends, uncover factors of employee turnover, predict behaviour and increase employee retention.

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Detailed Survey Dashboard

The Survey dashboard integrates and categorizes all the survey results in one place, giving you a structured and meaningful overview of your data.

Advanced Survey Analysis

Vantage Pulse gives you the benefit of analyzing real-time data-backed feedback through segmentation, participation rate, and predictions.

Benchmark Results

Vantage Pulse offers the best way to track improvement within the organization and benchmark employee engagement within the industry.

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