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Real-time employee feedback, actionable data, increased performance. Pulse lets you do all these and more with our people’s first survey tool.

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Vantage Pulse

Actionable Feedback That Drives Engagement

Vantage Pulse is an employee survey tool that places value in influencing change through collecting meaningful feedback.

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Leverage the power of feedback

Track and measure the employee experience.

Empower Employees

Even a simple survey questionnaire empowers your employees to express their opinions, views, and concerns.

Employee Engagement

Vantage Pulse lets you collect, measure, and optimize the level of employee engagement in your organization.

Setting Benchmarks

Implement industry best practices that work for your employees while improving business outcomes.


Vantage Pulse enables the management to continuously gain employee feedback and opens opportunities for enhanced communication.


These surveys create organizational awareness by addressing the critical as well as minor issues of the workplace.

Multiple Platforms

Vantage Pulse integrates the seamless features of our web survey software and is compatible with all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

Vantage Pulse

Features at a glance

Real-time employee feedback, actionable data, increased performance.
Vantage Pulse, our people-first survey tool lets you do all these and even more.

Admin Dashboard

A structured, categorized, and meaningful overview of the survey metrics.

Internal Benchmarks

Data-driven benchmarks let you analyze organizational performance and set realistic targets.


Enhance survey results by including the workforce in the feedback loop.

Advanced Tracking

Clear insights about real-time feedback collected by asking the right questions from 30+ categories.

Built For Enterprises

Receive feedback specific to multiple agile teams and departments.

Easy Customization

Customize the Vantage Pulse survey according to your organizational goals.

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