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Vantage Circle HR Academy provides you the know-how on the best HR practices and skills. We prepare you to overcome unprecedented HR challenges.
Our resource center gives you a systematic approach and knowledge to implement HR initiatives that can help you provide the best employee experience.
Join us to future-proof your HR skills and stay ahead in the game.

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  • Future-proof your HR skills.
  • Get the know-how from the industry experts.
  • Know the latest industry trends.
  • Get in-depth HR data and analysis.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors.
Why Vantage Circle HR Academy for HRs
AIRe Framework

The AIRe Framework

Recognition needs to be impactful and at the same time authentic to work. To design and execute Authentic Impactful Recognition programs, we at Vantage Circle put our decade of experience and learnings to create a new framework and approach for employee recognition, the AIRe Framework.

Latest Industry Reports

Latest Industry Reports

Our online library of industry reports offers actionable insights, comprehensive data, and in-depth analysis on thousands of global industries. Explore our industry reports to get the know-how of HR-related trends and best practices.