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Our Esteemed Partners

Mantra Care logo

Vantage Circle partners with Mantra Care to bring together complementary offerings to create an all-in-one solution for companies looking to support the well-being and engagement of their employees.

Heyy logo

Heyy, is a mental health care company that’s utilizing the power of human-connect to solve accessibility challenges. This partnership aims to improve mental health care globally across organizations.

bundle benefits logo

Bundle Benefits and Vantage Circle partners to to help employees be their best in their professional and personal lives.

wellness seekers academy logo

Vantage Circle and Wellness Seekers Academy partners to enable enterprises to adopt result-oriented and transformational wellness experiences and move ahead on the wellness maturity curve.

A Better Living logo

A Better Living aims to provide emotional wellness coaching and self help content to the Vantage Fit users. Our thinking patterns influence our behaviour, diets, lifestyle and even relationships. With the correct coaching, users can experience a well rounded happiness of both good physical and mental health. logo

Vantage Circle partners with to elevate enterprises’ engagement with employees by automating end-to-end EX workflows, providing instant and on-demand access to information and self-serve queries across channels.

BHyve logo

Vantage Circle partners with BHyve to transform the employee experience at progressive, knowledge-led companies across the world. This partnership will bring incredible experience of redemption into BHyve’s gamification features.

Paradiso logo

Vantage Circle partners with Paradiso to enhance employee engagement. This partnership will enable Vantage Circle and Paradiso Solutions to not only improve employee engagement but also foster an authentic & vibrant employee experience for companies of all sizes.

Leena AI logo

Vantage Circle and Leena AI partners to provide seamless usages of both products and provide the best user experience, focusing on bridging the gap between onboarding an employee and creating a seamless employee experience for the companies globally.

adrenalin logo

Vantage Circle and Adrenalin partner to offer an enhanced employee experience to clients. As both organizations specialize in providing an enriching employee experience through their software offerings, this collaboration will benefit all customers with best-in-class employee engagement solutions.


The partnership with Peak Performance will help in providing HRs a solution to improve their employee engagement and retain best talents by helping them implement rewards and recognition programs in a simple and fair way to create a great work culture.

Motivaluate logo

Vantage Circle partners with Motivaluate Consulting to drive better Employee Experience in the GCC. The partnership aims at providing the organizations with the tools to develop and nurture a culture of highly engaged, inspired and empowered workforce.

Zoho people logo

Partnership with Zoho People will provide impactful solutions to HRs in improving their employee engagement and increase their company’s retention by automating on-spot rewards and recognition programs.

Fresh Works logo

The Freshteam partnership will ease the basic HR functions of the HR leaders and administrators and provide a seamless platform for the organizations to recognize, and eradicate the huge losses due to voluntary turnovers.

JazzHR logo

JazzHR, the leading recruiting solution for SMBs, and Vantage Circle are partnered to offer an enhanced employee experience to businesses that focuses on creating greater alignment between organizational objectives and employee career goals.


Vantage Circle and PeopleStrong are helping to automate the rewards and recognition for better employee experience and engagement of the organizations.


intelliHR strategic HR SaaS product will enable the adoption of Vantage Circle’s simplified AI-powered rewards and recognition solutions for building better work cultures.


The collaboration of Vantage Circle and Rembrandt strives to bridge the employee recognition awards gap and to provide a seamless and tailored experience for the clients.


With this partnership, we look forward to leveraging our employee benefits services and delivering our customers a complete solution of employee healthcare and welfare services.

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Become a Reseller Partner

Become a
Reseller Partner

  • Have deep relationships within the HCM & Talent Management fraternity? Then, refer to our platform and earn a fixed fee on every successful conversion.
  • Choose your level of participation; Simple refer and let us take over OR lead the sales process end to end and earn a longer-term revenue share.
  • Select a commercial model of your choice; choose from transfer pricing, bundled pricing, or fixed commission models.
  • Avail of white-labeling services to bundle the Vantage Circle platform along with your core business services and under your brand.
Become a Integration Partner

Become a
Integration Partner

  • Integrate with Vantage Circle to offer your clients one of the fastest-growing Employee Engagement & Wellness Platforms.
  • Give your clients easy access to the Vantage Circle platform through SSO with your platform.
  • Solve more significant talent management issues for your clients through advanced integrations across a variety of use cases.
  • Enable cross-functional intelligence for your clients through correlations between both platforms, thereby creating newer revenue opportunities.
Become a Knowledge Partner

Become a
Knowledge Partner

  • Contribute to our knowledge and content initiatives and join us in co-creating happy and productive workplaces.
  • Join our Center of Excellence and explore opportunities for advisory and consulting projects with our clients on topics related to Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition, or Corporate Wellness.
  • Write content for our blogs or become a host on the Vantage Influencers Podcast and anchor engaging conversations with well-known industry leaders.

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Your customers procure Rewards from you but use someone else’s software to manage the workflows.

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You sell to businesses, but revenue is one-time, not continuous.

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You’re a Global Software Integrator but missing out on the “Future Of Work” revolution.

Our award winning solutions

Vantage Rewards

Vantage Rewards

Employee Rewards

Vantage Rewards is a powerful SaaS-based reward and recognition platform that is easy to use and makes the employee recognition process easy, fun, cost-effective, and globally accessible.

Vantage Perks

Vantage Perks

Employee Benefits

Vantage Perks is employee benefits and discount platform that allows employees to save while they shop with cashback deals and discounts.

Vantage Pulse

Vantage Pulse

Employee Survey

Vantage Pulse is an advanced employee survey tool that allows organizations to conduct timely engagement surveys in a meaningful manner.

Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit

Employee Wellness

Vantage Fit is an employee wellness platform that enables organizations to nurture a healthy workforce by enabling a gamified wellness experience.

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