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Make them feel privileged with exclusive offers.

Get exclusive offers and discounts along with crazy cashbacks from over 1000+ brands.

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Vantage Rewards
Vantage Rewards

Recognize and engage employees with ease.

  • Are you experiencing a lack of engagement and motivation among your employees?
  • Is toxic culture something you are trying to avoid?
  • No way for your workforce to be rewarded and recognized socially in real-time?
  • Is there no meaningful social interaction among employee peer groups?
  • Do you already have a rewards and recognition program, but it is not centralized globally?
  • Do you find it challenging to reward your dispersed workforce that is diverse and multi-lingual?

You are now one step closer to fostering a dynamic culture of appreciation

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Features that meet your needs.

Offer your employees a discount program that benefits their financial health.

Delightful Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on products on a wide array of brands in categories like dining, travel, electronics, real estate and more.

Redeemable Cashbacks

Earn extra cashback points over and above the discounts & easily redeem them from gift vouchers with zero-point expiration.

Analytics & Reporting

Effortlessly access and manage your employees’ earnings & savings on online purchase with real-time customized reports.

Other features that make recognition more easy.


Give employees the flexibility to chose gift cards from popular in-store and online brands.

Instant Notification

Once employees redeem points, gift card details are sent instantly to their emails.

Easy Budgeting & Allocation

Get an overview of the amount allocated to, debited, credited and the balance remaining over a period of time.

Integrations to make

rewarding super quick.

Seemless integration with your existing HCM/HRIS platforms and single-sign-on (SSO) tools, making it easy for you to onboard.

Office 365