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Get real-time employee

Uncover deeper insights into the employee experience with Vantage Pulse, our people-first survey tool.

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Vantage Rewards
Vantage Rewards

Get the true pulse of your organization

  • Struggling to measure the ROI of your engagement efforts?
  • Do you wish to reduce unwanted attrition?
  • Looking for a convenient way to capture honest employee feedback?
  • Want to compare the employee experience of different employees?
  • Do you want to bridge the gap between leaders and employees?
  • Wish to boost employee advocacy with a culture of transparency?

You are one step away from getting insightful and authentic feedback from your employees.

Features that meet your needs.

Onboard a simple, intuitive, employee-friendly platform that’s not just scalable,
but also cost effective and gives deeper insights into your organization.

Listen To employees’ voice With e-NPS based surveys

Run an eNPS survey to gauge how employees feel about your company and use its details to identify advocates and detractors.

Meaningful & relevant internal benchmarks

Analyze engagement scores and user trends against internal benchmarks set across your organization.

Continuous feedback, comments & follow-ups

Gather continuous feedback over regular intervals to get authentic data and use the conversation feature to take appropriate actions.

Advanced tracking with categories & heatmaps

Reduce survey fatigue with categorized questions that are quick, easy, and engaging. Take prompt action with engagement heatmaps.

Accessibility & easy customization

Create, manage, and update employee-friendly surveys on multiple platforms with easy customization.

Additional features

Seamless user interface

Provide your workforce with an exceptional survey experience that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Built for teams

Designed for small and large organizations, Vantage Pulse lets you receive feedback tailored to specific teams and departments.


Have complete control over your company’s survey branding.