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Because an engaged workforce is just a Survey away!

With Vantage Pulse, you can analyze trends, uncover factors of employee turnover, predict behaviors, and ultimately increase employee retention. Move away from cluttered, confusing, and complex surveys and power a continuous listening strategy with us.


Employee Engagement

Understand how engaged your employees are. Dive into the heart of your team's engagement, pinpoint areas for growth and track the journey towards a more dynamic and engaged workplace, all tailored to your unique environment.


Act on Real-Time Feedback and Insights

Move beyond annual surveys and collect real-time feedback. Our continuous, real-time feedback system equips you with the actionable insights needed for quick, informed decisions, elevating your employee experience to new heights.


Build a People-First-Culture

Uncover various concerns and issues within the organization, such as communication problems, work-related stress, or conflicts. Address these issues and create a workplace where every employee's well-being is a priority.


Retain Top Talent

Understand your employees' concerns from their first day to their last by tracking key metrics throughout the employee lifecycle and take decisive action to keep your best and brightest, ensuring a committed and stable workforce.


Balance Insights with Simplicity

See how your employees are doing in real time. From benchmarks, real-time trend visualizations, and metrics to dynamic data - Vantage Pulse brings you everything you need to make good decisions, displayed on a single, intuitive dashboard.


It’s an Employee Experience Compass!

Discover not just "how" your employees feel but also "how many" feel that way. Fast, straightforward, and completely anonymous— Vantage Pulse is the perfect tool for employees to voice their opinions and for leaders to uncover issues before they lead to turnover.

    Fully Anonymous

    From scores to follow-ups, anonymity is guaranteed.

    Survey Reminders

    Set and forget with our automated reminder system.

    Multi-language Options

    Built for global teams with 14+ languages support.

    Survey Accessibility

    Available on any device, anytime, anywhere.

25+ pre-built survey templates.

Choose from our comprehensive library of survey templates. From onboarding, engagement, DEI, to exit—each template ensures that you ask the right questions at the right time.


Success Stories

I particularly enjoy the tool (Vantage Pulse) for survey data...Data has been quite beneficial because we in HR want raw data to say, 'Oh, this is how people are feeling.'

- Cassidi Ross,

HR Coordinator


Get the true pulse of your organization

  • Measure the ROI of your engagement efforts

  • Capture honest employee feedback

  • Use a cloud solution to hear the voices of remote employees

  • Bridge the gap between leaders and employees


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