Episode 5: Empower & Elevate: How Recognition Shapes Purpose-Driven Workplaces

Streamed on 26th October, 2023

A Few key takeaways

  • Centering on Recognition: Acquire profound insights into the manifold benefits that strategic employee recognition yields for an organization, and grasp the intricacies of implementing a high-impact recognition program.
  • Recognition Fosters Employee Engagement: Learn how recognition programs can significantly boost employee engagement by creating a sense of value and purpose within the workplace.
  • The Link Between Recognition and Organizational Culture: Discover how a culture of recognition can be a powerful driver in shaping a purpose-driven organization, ultimately leading to improved retention and productivity.
  • Tangible Benefits of Employee Recognition: Explore the tangible benefits of recognition, including increased job satisfaction, higher morale, and a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.
  • Practical Strategies for Implementing Recognition Programs: Gain insights into practical strategies for implementing effective recognition programs that align with your organization’s mission and values.

About the Session

Enhancing employee well-being in hybrid work environments explores the challenges and strategies involved in fostering a positive work culture that prioritizes employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health in a blended remote and in-office work setting.

Session Guests

Paula Edelsteine

Paula Edelsteine
Chief People Officer (CPO), Kitsap Credit Union

Paula has spent over 20 years serving as a Global HR Business Leader and Chief People Officer for various sectors, including technology, corporate functions, sales, research & development, and manufacturing. In her capacity as a strategic thought partner and coach to executive leadership, and with extensive experience in overseeing all aspects of HR, her role has been to establish and guide a data-driven people agenda aimed at facilitating business outcomes in rapidly evolving organizations that prioritize both customers and employees.

She holds a deep passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, recognizing their pivotal role in driving improved business performance and fostering a meaningful employee experience. Her track record includes achieving success in talent recruitment and development, helping individuals advance toward their career aspirations. Colleagues often describe her as an authentic leader who places equal importance on achieving results and the manner in which those results are attained.

Her reputation is built on a foundation of integrity and trust, consistently delivering on commitments and accomplishing goals through a collaborative and principled approach.

Partha Neog

Partha Neog
CEO, Vantage Circle

Partha Neog, the Founder and CEO is the driving force behind Vantage Circle. With over two decades of experience in Product and Executive Management, Partha has a successful track record of scaling winning businesses.

Partha played a pivotal role in the conceptualisation and launch of 99acres.com (India’s number 1 property portal). When he worked for Aricent, Hughes Software Systems, and Bharat Electronics, he gained remarkable expertise in various industrial verticals.

He has gained deep insights into the employee engagement space through his experience with several companies and HR departments.

Travis Doster

Travis Doster
Senior Director of Public Relations, Communications, and Public Policy, Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

Travis Doster is the Senior Director of Public Relations, Communications and Public Policy for Texas Roadhouse. The $1.5 billion company, founded in 1993, owns and operates 465 restaurants in 49 states and three countries.

Doster oversees internal and external communications, serves on the crisis management team, and is involved in government relations. He is on the board of the charitable foundation and other boards including the Kentucky Restaurant Association and Kentucky Retail Federation.

Doster has a degree in Public Relations from the University of Arkansas. Prior to joining Texas Roadhouse in 2006, he was Vice President of Public Relations for FSA, managing a 35-person staff and providing PR, marketing, crisis management and issues management for 12 national clients including Texas Roadhouse and Qdoba.

About the Hosts

Chester Elton, Advisor, Vantage Circle

Chester Elton

#1 Bestselling Business Author, Leadership Expert, Organizational Culture Expert, Employee Engagement and Teamwork Expert, Global Keynote Speaker.

Chester Elton is a #1 Bestselling Business Author, #4 among the world's top leadership experts and #2 among the world's top organizational culture experts. He is a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Founder of the #findyourgratitude Community. In the last two decades, Chester has helped some of the world's most successful businesses engage their employees to execute on strategy, vision, and values.

Adrian Gostick, Advisor, Vantage Circle

Adrian Gostick

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Corporate Culture Expert, Engagement Expert, Leadership Expert, Managing Change Expert, Global Keynote Speaker.

Adrian Gostick is a global thought leader in the fields of corporate culture, leadership, and engagement. He is founder of the workplace training and consulting company The Culture Works and author of the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers All In, The Carrot Principle, Leading with Gratitude, and Anxiety at Work. In 2021, Adrian was ranked as a top 10 Global Guru in Leadership and Organizational Culture. He is a member of Marshall Goldsmith's MG100 'Pay it Forward' Coaching Cohort.

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