Vantage Circle & IntelliHR Collaborates To Help Companies Drive Smart Talent Decisions

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Last Updated On Fri May 17 2024

Vantage Circle & IntelliHR Collaborates To Help Companies Drive Smart Talent Decisions

The pandemic overshadowed the global progress that industries made over the last decade. But it also fast-paced the digital transformation in a short period of time.

With ongoing changes globally and the implementation of work from home policies followed by unprecedented shutdowns everywhere, the current market has seen its ups and downs. While the adaptation is still an ongoing process, two fields have established their dominance between all the chaos: people management and employee engagement.

These were the crucial takeaways from a webinar where ideas were shared focusing on emerging HR analytics and the connection between employee engagement.

The Crucial Link between People Management and Employee Engagement

Let’s keep it simple.

People Management in a broader context focuses on real-time analytics and training to improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and drive a good employee experience.

Employee engagement, on the other hand, is an employee’s emotional commitment to work and the workplace. It drives productivity, improves profitability, and helps organizations to achieve their goals.

Each of these fields has become even more important, with the focus now being shifted towards employee well-being. Both employee engagement and people management create different workplace dynamics. But organizations need to consider and leverage both.

Both of these help an organization in-

  • Providing data and insights into employee behavior and creating opportunities to manage it with new and upcoming technologies
  • Emphasizing the need for employee wellness and employee empowerment through surveys. It will substantially increase business agility and continuity
  • Reshaping the overall employee experience by understanding and improving an employees’ work life
  • Bridging the gap between cross-collaboration with a more employee-centric approach

But where do you start with all this?

Well, Vantage Circle has been focusing on improving the overall state of employee engagement through simply designed AI-based solutions. And to elevate those efforts, Vantage Circle has now collaborated with IntelliHR to automate the rewards and recognition process and revolutionize the organizational ecosystem worldwide.

Providing flexibility to the backbone of an organization

Employee engagement is the core engine that drives an organization towards success. Today, the focus has shifted to prioritize employee engagement as the stepping stone towards achieving extraordinary accolades.

Vantage Circle aims to elevate those efforts by an organization. It is an AI-powered employee engagement platform that provides robust and innovative global solutions for employee rewards and recognition, survey tools, and wellness initiatives. Our comprehensive and cost-effective program is designed to increase job satisfaction and retain the top assets of the organization.

On the other hand, IntelliHR, an Australian-based company, has a strategic approach towards people management and advanced HR analytics. It’s easy to use, and rich features enable the HR and managers to administer performance management, learning and development, surveys, feedback management, and employee health under one platform.

What does this collaboration mean?

With Vantage Circle’s employee engagement platform and IntelliHr’s advanced HR analytics, the integration will aim to track performance and reward employees based on their achievements.

This will strengthen organizations’ attempts to effectively recognize their workers while prioritizing employee’s feedback. The focus will be on improving the organizational culture without disrupting the work environment for a better future.

Key Highlights of the Integration

  • Fostering a Culture of Peer Recognition- With this integration, employees will now be able to appreciate their colleagues for any accomplishment.
  • Robust Rewarding Process- Managers can now easily reward their employees. Thanks to a user-friendly and accessible platform.
  • Track the Analytics- You will be able to track real-time data and resolve any shortcomings in the organization.
  • Conduct Appropriate Surveys- Managers can now handle employee-centric surveys and understand their version of work culture.
  • Elevate Employee Well-being- With the help of the integration, you can now focus more on good people management and organizational initiatives that will improve employees’ health.
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