Vantage Circle Partners With JazzHR To Elevate Employee Experience

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Last Updated On Fri Jul 19 2024

Vantage Circle Partners With JazzHR To Elevate Employee Experience

Vantage Circle has collaborated with JazzHR to offer an enhanced employee experience to businesses that focuses on creating greater alignment between organizational objectives and employee career goals.

Who Is JazzHR?

JazzHR is a powerful, user-friendly recruitment software for SMBs that scales the ability to find and hire great talent. It allows users to start sourcing, receiving, and reviewing resumes with just a few clicks. Moreover, the platform fulfills the unique hiring needs of an organization while making the hiring process compatible with the employer brand.

Why The Partnership?

The corporate market has evolved, and so have the recruitment strategies. These strategies are now more focused on increasing retention rather than just filling up vacancies. Building upon this, Vantage Circle and JazzHR aim to provide an integrated system to the clients that will elevate the hiring process and think beyond that.

Retaining the prized assets is a goal that somehow organizations miss out on. The reason? Lack of good employee experience that individuals feel during their employee lifecycle. Organizations often just hire for the sake of it and forget about catering to the needs and requirements of the workforce. This leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the employees, prompting them to leave the company.

But not anymore. With this partnership, you can onboard great talents and fulfill their needs that can significantly boost their work experience.

What will this partnership bring for the organization?

The partnership of JazzHR and Vantage Circle aims to provide you with a different suite of products and services with swift integration.

1. Holistic Employee Experience

JazzHR’s recruitment platform empowers employers to make recruitment easy with its customization of pages and personalized messages. This adds a personal touch and makes a candidate more interested in the company.

And to make the experience even better, Vantage Circle focuses on performance alignment by providing a robust channel of employee recognition and wellness programs.

With the assistance of each other, Vantage Circle and JazzHR strive to provide a whole new employee experience to the employers and the workforce. It will not only boost the employee engagement efforts but will also work towards increasing your organizational retention.

2. A Robust Recognition Channel

Now that the hiring is complete, what next? Your prized employees perform and provide you with the desired results. In return, they need acknowledgment, recognition, and appreciation.

But you don’t know where to start. Worry not. The partnership of JazzHR and Vantage Circle will help you with it.


With a swift integration process, you can access Vantage Circle and explore the eternal employee rewards and recognition world. With Vantage Circle, you can-

  • Configure desired awards with easy customization
  • Appreciate peers on the go
  • Explore a wide variety of badges and award titles
  • Access internal social feed where everyone can connect

Just remember to be on time and value the employees’ work with the help of Vantage Circle.

3. Track Real-Time Data

The partnership allows a user to access the admin dashboard that contains all the related information and real-time data of the organization.

With the help of this feature, we aim to provide you with a transparent system and help you track the organization’s overall performance. The data obtained from the reports in the dashboard will help you work on the drawbacks and make significant improvements.

Moreover, the dashboard section allows an admin to manage and organize the budget while creating a report of every detail.

The visual and real-time dashboards give you deep insights into employee trends and behaviors that help equal and fair recognition.

4. Rewarding with the SOLI Framework

Vantage Circle believes in being fair and has implemented the SOLI(Standard of Living Index) framework. This framework adjusts the points against the currency for all employees across the globe. The SOLI framework assesses a country’s standard of living in addition to currency conversion rates (which can be highly variable).

With the help of this framework, you can-

  • Award the same title and points to employees in multiple countries simultaneously which is then shown as a single post in the feed.
  • Display the Awards based on the employees’ location.
  • Ditch the bias factor and reward everyone equally.

The SOLI framework ensures balance in the organization while improving the satisfaction levels of the employees.

5. Points-Based Awarding

Managers can now add points while awarding their employees to make the process more employee-centric and interactive.

This will make the employees feel less overwhelmed and bored with their office awards. Instead, they will look forward to it since it will be incentivized with points.


While creating an award, you can now add the desired points that you think are appropriate for the award according to your budget. After completing the award process, the winner will receive the points in their Vantage Circle accounts.

But wait, where will an employee use these points?

Gift-Card Redemption! Yes, you read it right. The points awarded to the employees can be redeemed in gift cards from a wide range of global catalogs available on the Vantage Circle platform. These gift cards are a great way to elevate the shopping experience and reduce the financial burden.

This kind of incentivization will increase the desire of the employees to perform better, which can improve the overall engagement of the workplace.

Try It Out Today!

Automate your hiring process and make room for a fantastic employee experience with our integrated system. Be flexible and adapt to the changing dynamics of the corporate world today.

Want to know more about it? Just head over here and explore everything that you need.

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