Vantage Circle Partners With Zoho People To Provide An Integrated Platform of Employee Rewards and Recognition

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Last Updated On Fri May 17 2024

Vantage Circle Partners With Zoho People To Provide An Integrated Platform of Employee Rewards and Recognition

Vantage Circle is proud and excited to announce the partnership and integration of the rewards and recognition platform with Zoho People.

Zoho People is an online Human Resource Management System that allows you to manage and access all of your employee data in one place. The integration syncs all the data within both platforms and makes management easier than you can imagine. With the help of this integration, you can explore different features and build a people-centric workplace.

What Does This Integration Mean?

Employee engagement is paramount in building a workplace that is successful and competitive in the marketplace. But most of the time, organizations tend to miss out on providing the employees with a robust recognition system. This is where the integration comes in. Vantage Circle and Zoho People integration aim to provide the organizations with a system that will make the recognition process easy and transparent.

With the help of the integration you can-

  • Track real-time performance with accurate data
  • Automate the recognition process
  • Sync employee data without any hiccups
  • Incorporate a work culture based on appreciation
  • Elevate the shopping experience of the workforce with exclusive deals and discounts

Employees crave acknowledgment, want timely feedback and unbiased appreciation that can significantly boost their employee experience. And with the help of the integration, you can fulfill these workforce requirements and boost your employee engagement efforts. We believe that the integration will provide you with a piece of the puzzle towards building a workplace that employees would love to work in.

Some Of The Features Of The Integration

1. Seamlessly Sync Employee Data with Easy Integration

We all have faced a situation where data transfer would feel like downloading a movie with the slowest internet connection.

Not anymore.

With Vantage Circle and Zoho People’s integration, you can now manage data, sync, and transfer it in a flash. It’s a seamless integration process that even a non-techie person can handle with ease. Just follow a few simple easy to read steps, and you will do just fine. Moreover, you need not worry about data loss as our system keeps all the data intact and safe in our cloud servers.

2. Appreciation On the Go!

Now you would think, how is data sync going to help me award my employees?

Well, the integration is more than just data storage. It lets you track and manage your employee’s performance. With real-time insights on how well your employees perform and progress, you can select your top performers and award them handsomely.


Appreciate them whenever they do well and recognize their efforts with numerous badges and awards. Once you are done with the appreciation process, it will appear in the social feed of Vantage Circle that will the peers congratulate the employee.

3. Point Redemption

Did you know that while awarding your employees, you can add points as a bonus?

Now, what are the employees going to do with the awarded points? They can redeem them into gift cards from a wide range of global catalogs available in the Vantage Circle platform.


With the help of gift cards, employees can reduce their financial burden while shopping which elevates their desire to win more points. In return, this enables them to perform better for the organization and improve their engagement levels. Moreover, point redemption into gift cards is an extra bonus that surely works as a morale booster.

4. Access To Admin Dashboard

If you aim to facilitate room for a robust and transparent Rewards and Recognition system, you need to streamline your process.

What will you need as a manager?

First of all, you will require a platform that can help you track the overall performance and progress of the organization. Secondly, the platform should help you obtain real-time data to work on the flaws and make improvements.

And with the help of Vantage Circle, you can do that. As a manager, you can-

  • Manage your organizational budget and generate necessary reports.
  • Document the increase in engagement within your organization with accurate data.
  • Make the awarding process interactive with flexible rewards and a hassle-free process.

The aim should be to make the system user-friendly and easy to use, which Vantage Circle has prioritized from the beginning.

5. Helps You Build A People-Centric Work Culture

How would you define a people-centric work culture?

Well, for us, it is about taking care of your employees and providing them with all their needs and requirements. On top of that, we also think about their job satisfaction levels while facilitating good employee perks.


With its unique cloud-based platform, Vantage Circle helps an organization fulfill all the criteria mentioned earlier. It allows employees to connect with its internal social platform that promotes healthy relationships. And with the point-based awarding system benefits them during financial difficulties.

All in all, it is a one-stop SaaS platform that will increase employee engagement of an organization while providing an extra boost to the existing benefits package. With the help of Zoho People, we are more thrilled to enhance our processes and make them competitive with the right performance tracking.

Why wait?

Now boost your employee engagement efforts with the integration of Vantage Circle and Zoho People and onboard a unified platform that does it all for you. From performance-based awards to providing the essential benefits we have you covered on all fronts. Just connect with us and facilitate a room for a wholesome experience for the workforce.

The pandemic overshadowed the global progress that industries made over the last decade. But it also fast-paced the digital transformation in a short period of time.

With ongoing changes globally and the implementation of work from home policies followed by unprecedented shutdowns everywhere, the current market has seen its ups and downs. While the adaptation is still an ongoing process, two fields have established their dominance between all the chaos: people management and employee engagement.

These were the crucial takeaways from a webinar where ideas were shared focusing on emerging HR analytics and the connection between employee engagement.

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