Product Update: New Additions

Product Updates


Last Updated On Fri May 17 2024

Product Update: New Additions

Upgrading our product excites us immensely, and bringing that forward allows us to serve you and provide a seamless experience in all possible ways.

What does the update include?

Rewards Update

– Live Notifications for Birthday and Anniversary

It is never a nice thing to miss out on your colleague’s birthdays and work anniversaries. And remembering dates for a specific occasion can become a hassle in a busy schedule. To help you out with that, we have now added a live interactive notification section specifically for birthdays and anniversaries to keep you updated every day. Now, never miss out on your colleagues or your employees’ special occasions and make the most out of the day to make it memorable.

– Text Prediction with AI

Now framing a sentence will never be an issue with our newest text prediction feature solely done with the help of AI. Our Text prediction feature will automatically generate the next possible word that fits well with the message. Making it easier for you to frame a sentence on the go. Convey warm messages to your colleagues and employees with the correct choice of words and motivate them.

– Likes and Comments

Now you can like other comments and reply to those comments instantaneously in the social feed of the R&R platform. Personalize your messages and make the feed more lively with everyone’s participation. Increase engagement and help your teams appreciate each other more effectively.

Perks Update

– Cashback deals introduced for US, UK, MEX

Everyone loves shopping and has their own set of preferences. Shopping becomes even more enjoyable when you get great cashback deals that save money and gives you more freedom to explore. With that being said, we have added some exciting cashback deals for the following locations – USA, UK, and Mexico. We are continuously adding more deals to help you shop more and spend less.

Vantage Fit

– Free Subscription Plans (Try out Vantage Fit)

We believe in first trying out our products and then purchasing it if it satisfies the organization. This is why we have now enabled free trials upto 28 days without any prior payments or specific onboarding. All you need to do is log in through the application with your personal email address and start the trial. Challenge your colleagues and join in the tasks provided in the Vantage Fit application.

– Relevant Meal Search

Every region has its own staple and loved food cuisine. Keeping that in mind we have now added the Food Search Section in the meal journal. Open the Vantage Fit application and search for the food that is popular in your country. For instance, when searching for the word ‘par’, a person in the United States of America will now see Parmesan Cheese as a top search result whereas a person in India will see Paratha as the top search result.

– Admin Dashboard

Now the HR admins can have a thorough insight on 4 primary health and wellness metrics on the ongoing wellness program(s). These metrics include Engagement, Average Activity Levels, Average BMI, and the Average Mood of the workforce.

We have also added features for HRs to manage the teams participating in a health challenge. Moreover, HRs can now also push Health Articles for their employees on the Vantage Fit App from the admin panel.

– Leaderboard Status

To make things easier and interesting, we have now added an online status to the leaderboard section where it shows if a particular user is browsing through the application. Another added feature is that you can now view your employees’ active walking status in the leaderboard section itself.

Both the features are customizable and can be disabled as per requirements.

– Scalability and Fixes

Vantage Fit now scales easily upto 10000 concurrent users and certain issues regarding step count tracking have been fixed.

Vantage Plus

Organizations have now opted for work from home programs which have led to some major hiccups in setting up spaces for productive work and drop in engagement levels. Keeping such shortcomings in mind we are now introducing Vantage Plus as our latest product.

Vantage plus helps your employees to set up their own working environment at home without any hassle. It includes all the necessary work from home requirements such as office furniture, e-learning programs, employee engagement solutions, mental health programs, and much more. Worry less and work more with Vantage plus and boost your employees’ engagement levels.

Upcoming Updates

  • Managers will be able to re-initiate the declined/pending award nominations declined/pending award view.
  • We are working on the UI for a smoother experience that will include a convenient flow for user permissions. Also, users will have options for dark theme, audio enable or disable, different types of a map style, and change distance metrics(km or mile). Previously the user’s workout was saved automatically. Now it will be user-dependent.
  • Text prediction will become more enhanced as it will be more department-specific and will align with the work one employee does.