Product Update: Your Request is our Commitment

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Last Updated On Fri May 17 2024

Product Update: Your Request is our Commitment

The year full of ups and downs might be coming to an end, but we will always come back with our latest product improvements and developments.

What does the update contain?

– Configuration of Service Level Award by HR


Service anniversaries are an essential part of employees’ job tenure. It is a reminder that they are achieving a milestone with each passing year. Recognizing those milestones is one of the best ways to keep your employees satisfied and happy in the organization.

And to streamline the process of recognition, we have now made it easier for the HR admins to configure service level award in the dashboard. Now, giveaway points and generate certificates to celebrate employees’ achievements.

– Configuration of Approval Levels in Award Section by HR

To boost employees’ morale and elevate their performance level, it is crucial to award them for their hard work and dedication. And to make the process less error-prone, the HR admins can now configure the approval levels in the award section’s dashboard.

There are three levels of approvals; however, depending on the company, the parameters can change. The new feature is aimed to make the approval process easy and hassle-free.

– Availability of Wish Feature in Vantage Rewards


Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., are all part of our daily lives. We believe that no one should miss the opportunity to celebrate these special occasions, and this is why we have now added the “Wish feature” to our platform.


With the wish feature’s help, now convey your heartfelt messages on any occasion and create wonderful moments to cherish forever.


– Microsoft Teams Update

We have made some improvements to Microsoft Teams and updated it for a smoother user experience. Below is a list of all the features-

  • Now you can register and log in with the help of your company email.
  • The process of connecting both the platforms of Vantage Circle and Microsoft Teams have now been integrated into a single button called the “Connector”.
  • Now you do not need to follow a long process to link the platforms.
  • You can now view the leaderboard section of your organization in Microsoft Teams itself.

– Enable or Disable Certificate at Award Level

Our Rewards and Recognition platform allows you to generate certificates for every available award. That can become a hassle that made us brainstorm and devise solutions that will help the organizations. Upon thorough discussions, our team suggested that there should be flexibility for an HR admin to select the awards for which certificate should be generated.

And with that, we have now added a new feature that will allow admins to enable or disable certificate for specific awards within the organization.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of happiness!!