Product Update: Improvements for a Better Product

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Last Updated On Fri Jul 19 2024

Product Update: Improvements for a Better Product

We are back with another article full of updates that shows our commitment to delivering the best products to our customers.

What does the update contain?


– Service Yearbook: Ready to Deploy


Now convey warm wishes and share photo memories with your colleagues in the form of our new feature called the Service Yearbook.

The feature sends across an e-mail to the peers that notify them about their colleague’s upcoming anniversary. They can then add their thoughts and pictures, compile them into a shareable booklet, and send them to the employee celebrating their anniversary.

The Service Yearbook feature provides a new approach for organizations to celebrate and empower the organization’s employees.

– Personalized BU notification


Organizations consist of different departments, with each having specific tasks assigned to them. Similarly, it is quite necessary to have a personalized notification to prompt an increase in engagement levels.

Keeping that in mind, we have now added the feature where departments can specifically personalize their notifications and channel it with a proper structure.

– Download Pending Approvals


As an approver, you will be able to download all your pending approvals in CSV and PDF format from the web. The feature is added to keep track of all the approvals even when working offline so that an approver can work on the missed opportunities and award the deserving candidates.


– Notification of logging meals, water intake, and mood meter


Helping employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle has always been our goal. And they must be reminded of doing the same.

Vantage Fit has now added the feature to prompt periodic notifications to update their water intake, meal consumption, and current mood. By doing so, an employee can keep track of their overall health daily, encouraging them to become healthy physically and mentally.

– Customer Support in Vantage Fit


Customer experience has always been our top priority, and providing hassle-free customer support is what we have always believed.

To streamline our customer support, we have now added the interactive chat support system in Vantage Fit, where employees can connect with our team and ask away any queries they have.

Available both for Android and IOS devices.

– Periodic pop-ups

We love feedback to improve our products and provide a seamless experience to our customers. This is why Vantage Fit users will now be prompted to rate the app with periodic pop-ups as a reminder so that we can keep a record of our customers’ valuable insight and work on developing a better product for the future.


– Static Banner

The perks window in the Vantage Circle platform will now have a static banner of a particular brand which will be region-specific. The most popular brand of a particular region will have its banner up and running so that great offers come your way with ease.

Upcoming Updates

We firmly believe that improvements are necessary to move forward and with that in mind, we always try to improve our products with better updates. Here are a few glimpses of what we are constantly working on-

  • Corporate gifting development for Vantage Perks.
  • Manager’s Dashboard in Vantage Rewards.
  • Experience Cycle in Vantage Pulse.
  • Mention in comments features in Vantage Rewards.

Stay tuned to know more about the updates in our upcoming product update blog.