Product Update: Changes for Better Engagement

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Last Updated On Fri May 17 2024

Product Update: Changes for Better Engagement

We all love upgrades that bring positive changes in our lives. In the same way, our recent updates are aimed to foster excellent customer experience and encourage more engagement in an organization that will see a positive rise in productivity.

What does the update include?

Vantage Rewards

Re-initiate and Edit your Nomination


Now you can edit your nominations in the given period and change it as you want. You can change or add more nominees to your current award.

We have now also added a feature to re-initiate your declined nomination so that the deserving employees get their fair share of appreciation.

These two features of the nomination process have been enabled to provide more flexibility to the user. Both features are now available on the web and application.

Cancel Nomination


Mistakes can happen, and it just makes you more humane. And if you have made a mistake during your nomination, you can now cancel it within the given period of the award and make amends swiftly.

The feature is enabled to reduce errors while nominating employees and award the deserving candidate as much as possible. Available both on the web and application.

Add Image on Comment


Convey your heartfelt messages to your colleagues and acknowledge them for the award they received with comments on posts. And to make it more engaging, you can now add images on comments and wish them the best so that it encourages them to maintain their work efficiency.

The feature is now live both on the web and application. (Note: This feature is only available as a subscription upgrade.)

Multi-level likes and comments


Now you can like other comments and reply to those comments instantaneously in the R&R platform’s social feed. Personalize your messages and make the feed more lively with everyone’s participation. Increase engagement and help your teams appreciate each other more effectively.

The feature is now available for all the companies in the application.

Edit Comment


If you feel like you have not shown much appreciation and acknowledgment to your colleagues or employees in their appreciation post, then you need not worry about it. We have now enabled the edit comment section so that you can now rephrase your previous comments and make the necessary changes as you like.

The feature is now available on the web.

Vantage Perks

Wishlisting of deals


Everyone likes to get their hands on some good deals while shopping which they might lose after thorough browsing on a particular website. Keeping this in mind we have now added the feature of wishlisting your favorite deals so that you never have to worry about losing it again and browse through the website from the start.

The current feature is available exclusively on the web.

Vantage Fit

Dashboard Update

As an admin now you can create, update, and view weekly level-based challenges from the Vantage Fit dashboard itself. Challenge yourself and your employees with the weekly contests and maintain your overall physique towards a healthy lifestyle.

Search and remove

Admins can now search and add participants to a private contest or remove from an existing challenge directly from the dashboard. This feature is enabled to make the challenges more competitive among active users and to encourage others to join the contests as well to earn more rewards.

Upcoming Updates

Service yearbook

For the upcoming update, we will be including the service yearbook feature which will allow peers to convey their heartfelt wishes and messages to their colleagues in the form of PDF. The peers will get a week’s time to come up with their own message and include the images to make the anniversary of their colleagues more special and engaging.