[On-demand Recording] Employee Engagement – Back to Basics

Published on 5th November 2020

Enhancing the level of engagement has quickly become a top priority for major businesses worldwide. It’s high time we identify the significant factors driving engagement forward. In this webinar, our speakers, Menaka and Sidhu, talked about the concept of employee… View more

[On-demand Recording] Corporate Wellness in the New World

Published on 9th October 2020

Corporate wellness programs promote and facilitate a holistic approach to the well-being of the employees by creating a culture that prioritizes overall wellbeing. The COVID pandemic has been a huge blow to everyone's health, wellness, and happiness. The sudden shift… View more

[On-demand Recording] Above & Beyond – The Spirit of Reward & Recognition

Published on 27th August 2020

Rewards and recognition remains an incredibly effective way to make your people feel valued, empowered, and ultimately engaged. Every act of rewarding and recognizing employees transforms your company’s identity and guide better business outcomes.  A strong culture of “rewards and… View more

[On-demand Recording] Rebooting Employee Recognition Programs For Higher Impact

Published on 14th July 2020

A strong Rewards and Recognition Program is the backbone of employee engagement in organizations. To meet the changing employee needs, a dynamic Rewards & Recognition program has become an inseparable part of great workplaces. The better the R&R program, the more likely… View more

[On-demand Recording] Driving Employee Engagement in the COVID-19 Impacted Work Environment

Published on 24th June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a two-pronged challenge for organizations. On one hand, is the drastic economic impact on business. While, on the other hand, is the challenge of engaging a stressed-out workforce struggling in a drastically different work environment.… View more

Driving HR Cost Reduction while Minimising Impact on Employee Satisfaction

Published on 9th June 2020

In every organization, cost reduction is a critical concern for HR leaders. In this webinar, our guests Anjali Chachra, an Independent HR Consultant, and Saurabh Deshpande, a Freelance HR Business Partner, talks about how to deal with this and strategically… View more

Psychological Impact of Covid-19 on Employees

Published on 5th May 2020

The world is working remotely with fear and uncertainty about the future. In this webinar from Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa, Ph. D in Psychology, talks about the impact that Covid-19 has on our professional and personal lives. She also briefs us… View more