LTI case study- Vantage Circle
About the Organization

About the Organization

  • Industry: IT Services, IT Consulting
  • Company Size: 33,000+ Employees
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 1997

Key Objective

To design a user-friendly rewards platform, scalable and can meet the employees’ needs and provide them a good experience.

Problem Statements

The company was initially tied up with an R&R vendor to run its employee recognition program where the rewarded points could not be redeemed at employees’ convenience. Infotech wanted a point-based reward system where employees need not worry about the expiration of their rewarding points. This loophole made the company look for other reward platforms in the market.

The major challenges for the IT company were

  • To find a platform availing which the employees don’t even need to worry about reward point loss.
  • To implement a  platform that can cater to its diverse workforce & could grow their internal communication through digital appreciation processes.
  • A platform that shows leaderboard and engagement score metrics to keep track and monitor the processes.