Tata Motors Case Study - Vantage Circle
About the Organization

About the Organization

  • Industry: Automobile
  • Company Size: 78,000+ Employees
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 1945

Key Objective

Creating a measurable reward and recognition platform fulfilling the needs and requirements of the workforce. 

Problem Statements

By 2024, TATA Motors has the vision to create a highly engaged workforce. To achieve it, they needed a robust recognition and reward system that would elevate the engagement levels and create a culture of appreciation. 

The major challenges that the company had to face:

  • To find a digital platform that could enhance the internal communication of the company with a dispersed workforce. 
  • To onboard an actionable and flexible rewards and recognition platform that could elevate the social appreciation efforts of the organization.
  • To introduce a platform that would boost the overall employee experience of the workforce. 
  • To accommodate a platform that could provide a financial wellness package with unbeatable perks and corporate discounts.