About the Organization

About the Organization

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Company Size: 500 - 1000 employees
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharastra
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 1984

Key Objective

To design a system to engage a diverse workforce spread across multiple cities/states. The core objective was to encourage more employees to engage with each other, promote collaboration, and build a culture of transparency and recognition.

Problem Statements

Tata Realty merged its Real estate, Housing, and Infrastructure firms into one entity under its umbrella in 2018. Because of this huge merger, the employees had to go through a culture shock. Employees had to leave their comfort space and the teams they were working with before.

The major challenges the company had to face were

  • To find the right digital Rewards and Recognition platform that is flexible and could keep their dispersed workforce engaged and happy.
  • To introduce a platform to its employees that has high visibility, easily accessible, user-friendly, and at the same time web-mobile based.
  • To track their rewarding process efficiently.
  • And boost internal communication among millennial employees, especially among the ones located at different geographical locations.

Tata Realty was looking for the right reward and recognition platform that could solve these issues.

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