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  • Industry : Real Estate
  • Company Size : 500 - 1000 employees
  • Headquarters : Mumbai, Maharastra
  • Type : Privately Held
  • Founded : 1984

Company profile

Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited (TRIL) operates as a real estate and infrastructure development company. The company develops airports, urban transport, roads and bridges, and special economic zones. It has 680 employees across India.

Challenges and Opportunities

Tata Realty recently merged their Real estate, Housing, and Infrastructure firms into one entity under its umbrella. Because of this huge merge, the employees had to go through a culture shock. Employees had to leave their comfort space and the teams they were working with before.

The major challenges the company had to face were

  • To find the right digital Rewards and Recognition platform that is flexible and could keep their dispersed workforce engaged and happy.
  • To introduce a platform to its employees that has high visibility, easily accessible, user-friendly and at the same time web-mobile based.
  • To track their rewarding process efficiently.
  • And boost internal communication among millennial employees. Especially among the ones that are located at different geographical locations.

Tata Realty was looking for the right reward and recognition platform that could solve these issues.


Vantage Circle’s mobile-first social rewards and recognition module designed to keep the workforce engaged even when on the move. This is why our Rewards and Recognition platform fits the needs of Tata Realty like a glove. 

Our solution provided a common platform for all employees of Tata Realty. With multiple badges and awards, now the organization could promote the culture of appreciation within its ranks and increased employee visibility. 

We also drove behaviour towards engagement and recognition by showcasing leaderboards among teams and metrics for management to follow through. Our mobile platform catered to the dispersed teams who were may not be sitting on computers as well, with millennials who were more engaged with mobile platforms. We could determine which core values needed more improvement and were able to drive employee engagement appropriately.

The Results

The adoption of the mobile platform witnessed a great surge within the company. 

It increased the participation of the millennials workforce and helped the teams to recognize their peers more efficiently. 

Our point-based module gave them flexibility in their gifting and rewarding process. Features like Awards and Badges Nomination, Peer to Peer Recognition helped the workforce to connect and appreciate each other digitally. It boosted the culture of recognition within the organization.

After three months of its implementation, 55-65% of the employees were happily engaging through the platform.

Quote from the Internal Communication Manager, Tata Realty

We are planning to introduce a new scheme where each time employees appreciate each other through Vantage Rewards. We are going to be planting a tree on their behalf. So now they’ll not only be participating in the culture of recognition but there’s another strong motive of sustainability associated with it. Our employees already seem to love this idea and we can only go ahead with this because we have a platform like Vantage Rewards.