How to Build An Authentic Employee Work Culture in a Hybrid Workplace and Remote Workplace?

Streamed on 11 November, 2021

A Few key takeaways

  • Providing effective employee experience in the new normal.
  • Building a strong communication & feedback culture.
  • Critical factors for improving hybrid & remote workplace culture.

About the Session

Hybrid work has several advantages for employees and employers. Since the pandemic, most organizations have used this new working method. However, hybrid working also involves several risks like increased feelings of loneliness, lack of motivation, reduction in productivity, and even employee burnout. These risks can have serious consequences on employees’ health and workplace productivity, which should not be neglected.

Enrique Rubio shares his perspectives on making everyone feel part of the team in a remote or hybrid workplace in this webinar episode. Enrique recognizes that workplaces need to have a platform where employees can freely talk about any crisis, an ecosystem of innovation empowerment in decision making, and a proper reward and recognition platform.

Session Guests

Enrique Rubio

Enrique Rubio
Founder of Hacking HR, Keynote Speaker & Top 100 Global HR Influencer

Enrique is a Fulbright Scholar, has over twenty years of experience, and is an Electronics Engineer with an Executive Master’s in Public Administration from Maxwell School at Syracuse University. He was the founder and CEO at Management Consultants, specializing in Human Resources in Venezuela. Before Management Consultants, Enrique worked in the telecommunications sector as a Senior Project Engineer for Telefonica and several other companies. Enrique is a guest author in several blogs about innovation, management, and human resources. He recently worked as an advisor to the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Inter-American Development Bank.

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