It’s All About People: What Leaders Should Not Be During these Tough Times

Streamed on 03 December, 2021

A Few key takeaways

  • Journey of every servant leader & their philosophy.
  • The emotional connection of a greater purpose creating high engagement.
  • Choosing values embedded in all aspects of leadership & employee development.
  • The difference between a “team” and a “tribe”.
  • Direct connection between company performance results & its focus on people.

About the Session

In this webinar, Garry describes his “learning moments” from his journey since 1997 to change the company’s culture. Garry discusses emotional connection to increase participation and incorporate principles into every leadership and employee development element. He also explains the distinction between “team” and “tribe.” According to him, a team is something you use to win an event or solve an issue in a specific setting. A tribe is a group of people who stick together over time.

We only have time, skill, money, and technology to work with, and none of these resources are plentiful. Garry explains that as leaders, it is our responsibility to help people focus on the things that really matter. He sums up the webinar with a lovely quote, “Life is a gift. Don’t send it back unwrapped.”

Session Guests

Garry O. Ridge

Garry O. Ridge
Chairman and CEO of WD-40 Company

Garry O. Ridge is Chairman and CEO of WD-40 Company, where he has held various leadership positions including Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice-President of International, before being appointed CEO in 1997.

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