The Good Fight: Conflict Strategies for Nice People

Streamed on 24 November, 2021

A Few key takeaways

  • Understand the importance of conflict and learn which things are worth fighting for.
  • Learn the one technique that can change a conversation from fighting as adversaries to problem-solving as allies.
  • Prepare for resistance with the steps to work through a person’s emotional reaction to your comments.

About the Session

“Conflict” appears to be a “bad word” for any workplace. It goes against teamwork, employee involvement, and strong business culture. We humans always avoid confrontation and build up conflict debt. However, any workplace teams require conflict to get things done.

In this webinar, Liane Davey discusses creating the productive conflict your organization requires to get along and get things done. Davey presents real-world examples and practical techniques you and your team can use to tackle even the most heated conflict issues, based on her 20-year career as a C-Suite advisor.

Session Guest

Liane Davey

Liane Davey
Keynote Speaker, Author

Liane Davey is a New York Times Bestselling author of three books. She is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and is frequently called upon by media outlets for her experience in leadership, team effectiveness, and productivity.

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