Industry Report On Corporate Wellness Strategies to combat Work-From-Home Burnout

This research is based on responses from industry experts from around the world during a Global Interactive HR Tech Virtual Expo in 2021. It emphasizes the need for corporate wellness practices in addressing concerns like Remote Working Burnout.

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You will get to learn

  • Ways to overcome global HR challenges for remote working.
  • Insights on top digital rewards and recognition trends for 2021.
  • Importance of rewards and recognition for remote workers.
  • Ways to enhance employee engagement and experience for remote workers with the helps of rewards and recognition platform.
Table of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Key Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Key Findings
  5. Key Challenges in implementing corporate wellness program during remote working
  6. Corporate wellness strategies for 2021
  7. Future of corporate wellness in the remote working scenario
  8. Key takeaways of this report
  9. Conclusion
Key Objectives
  • To encourage organizations towards building a healthy workforce.
  • To quantify and comprehend different wellness strategies well enough to engage remote employees.
  • To publicize the various corporate wellness challenges alongside assisting employees overcoming work-from-home burnout symptoms.
  • To highlight the significance of digital wellness platforms.
The statistics gathered during a 2021 Global Interactive HR Tech Virtual Expo themed on “The Great Emergence” were factored into the formation of this report. This research is completed with 358 responses from industry experts from diverse industries throughout the world. The United States, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, and several other countries are among those on the list. The survey includes several questions about company wellness strategies and how they can help with work-from-home burnout. It asked open-ended and multiplechoice questions about corporate wellness difficulties, distant collaboration, and the future of digital wellness platforms. This report considers the input of the many designations, such as HR, Directors, VPs, CXOs, and so on.
Key Findings
The data collected from the respondents give us new insights into the Employee Wellness Strategies for 2021.

1. Challenges of Corporate Wellness Programs in Remote working.

  • Lack of active participation
  • Inability to connect with dispersed workforce
  • Lack of customisation, gamification and user friendly platforms
  • Lack of appropriate technology solutions
  • Others
Insights on the objectives of Rewards and Recognition programs in a company Fig: Data Representation of various Challenges of Corporate Wellness Programs in Remote working

2. Corporate Wellness strategies towards Employee wellness.

  • Wellness Perks
  • Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness Sessions
  • Work from Home Ergonomics
  • Virtual Wellness Challenge
  • Free Subscriptions to Wellness Apps
  • Others
Respondents on the importance of Rewards and Recognition platform to remote employee engagement Fig. Data representing the Corporate Wellness strategies towards Employee wellness.

3. Impact of technology in revolutionizing the corporate wellness system to mitigate remote working burnout.

  • Hosting Wellness Sessions
  • Allowing Monetary Incentivization
  • Easy Tracking & Monitoring
  • Evaluating Health Metrics
  • Enabling AI Customized Diet Tracker
Initiatives that have the highest impact on overall Employee Engagement and Recognition during remote working. Fig. Data representing the Impact of Technology on Corporate Wellness System.

4. Significance of Virtual Wellness Platforms in Reducing Remote Working burnout.

  • Significantly
  • Moderately
  • Not Sure
Factors that should be kept in mind while adopting Rewards and Recognition programs in this Covid-19 situation. Fig. Data representing the Significance of Virtual Wellness Platforms in Remote Setting.
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