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Moonlighting And The Need To Engage The Workforce With Innovative Tools.

Episode 4 Guests

– Vivek Anand, Founder, Business Enablers

– Pandi Alagu Raja, AGM – HR, Segula Technologies

– Partha Neog, CEO and Co-founder, Vantage Circle

  Friday, 09th Dec 2022

  3 pm – 4 pm IST




Moonlighting And The Need To Engage The Workforce With Innovative Tools.

The issue of corporate professionals moonlighting has triggered a new debate, polarising opinions and raising difficult questions like, “What are the reasons for moonlighting?” Is it a legal issue, an ethical issue, a human resources issue, or a societal issue? The opinions of employers on the subject still need to be clarified. While some consider it unethical because it is cheating, others believe that when employees moonlight, the organization must discover why they moonlight and solve the issue. For this episode, Kaustubh Sonalkar, an accomplished author and change mentor, along with the founder and CEO of Vantage Circle, Partha Neog, joins leaders and HR experts to get some valuable thoughts on whether moonlighting should be allowed in organizations or not, and if yes, then how.

Key Takeaways

  • A brief intro of employee moonlighters.
  • Is moonlighting the new normal?
  • Is employee disengagement a cause of moonlighting, and how may cutting-edge tools and technologies help?
  • The dos and don’ts for a moonlighter.
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Partha Neog, CEO, Vantage Circle

Partha Neog

CEO & Co-founder, Vantage Circle

CEO’s Note

I am delighted to announce that Vantage Circle is bringing a new webcast series called Vantage Point – A View From The Top. Here we discuss and understand from the thought leaders on the massive cultural shifts and issues in the workplace today from their ‘Vantage Point’ and devise solutions to overcome and build a better work culture for all. So tune in and register now to get the best insights from the global experts, and let’s make our work environment more cohesive and human for all.


Guest Speakers

Vivek Anand, Guest Speaker, Vantage Point Webcast

Vivek Anand

Founder, Business Enablers (A Strategy Consulting firm)

Vivek is a seasoned Performance Coach who works with individuals and small businesses and helps them adapt the right HR practices. With over 25 years of experience in Education Management and People development, Vivek is the principal architect, visionary, and executively responsible for strategy and services delivered at Business Enablers. In his current avatar, Vivek is helping SMEs adopt the right people strategies for their business growth. He provides HR leadership to these SMEs across different industry segments and focuses on Business Planning & People Culture, Employee engagement, Performance management, and People Development.

Pandi Alagu Raja, Guest Speaker, Vantage Point Webcast

Pandi Alagu Raja

AGM – HR, Segula Technologies

Pandi is a competent professional with 15+yrs of experience in the entire gamut of HR. He maintained impressive records on streamlining multiple HR processes and applicability-based HR expertise to accomplish strategic goals to develop organization culture & employee welfare in multiple IT, ITES, KPO, and IT Infrastructure industries. Additionally, Pandi has been conducting HR knowledge-sharing sessions, motivation, career guidance, and employee development programs in various colleges and companies.

Partha Neog, Guest Speaker, Vantage Point Webcast

Partha Neog

CEO and Co-founder, Vantage Circle

With over two decades of expertise in product and executive management, Partha has a proven track record of scaling great businesses and was instrumental in developing and launching 99acres.com. He has gained deep insights into the employee engagement space through his experience with several companies and HR departments. He is a strong believer in being able to have an impact together with a team. Partha’s leadership has seen Vantage Circle emerge as a recognized HRTech company in Asia and one of the fastest-growing recognition brands in North America and Australia.

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