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The Metaverse’s Impact on Neurodivergence: A Blessing or a Curse for New-Age HRs?

Episode 1 Guests

– Dr. Tanaya Mishra, Chief Human Resources Officer at Essar

– Dr. Adil Mishra, CEO of ‘The FiRM’ and One of the top 110 Influential Global leaders on ‘People-Hum’

  Friday, 15th July 2022

  3 pm – 4 pm IST




The Metaverse’s Impact on Neurodivergence: A Blessing or a Curse for New-Age HRs?

Kaustubh Sonalkar, who is an author and mentor of change, will discuss with thought leaders, and industry leaders of the HR world to create clarity on how Metaverse can effect Neurodivergence in the workplace. With more freedom for employees to ideate, act and behave in the metaverse, how will it affect the New Age HR? Will they be able to face the challenges of technology and ensure better employee experience? Neurodivergence is an idea in which people with different functioning brains are accepted and viewed as regular human beings.

Key Takeaways

  • Is HR becoming obsolete, has technology made HR redundant, and how does HR re-invent itself?
  • With transactions no longer available, engagement and quality interactions appear to be the only options for HR; how does it transform itself?
  • From thought leaders and practitioners, hear and learn from the best in the Industry, only on Vantage Point.
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About Vantage Point Webcast

We bring you our new exclusive webcast series called “Vantage Point”, hosted by renowned author, business strategist and transformation expert, Kaustubh Sonalkar. The webcast would bring top corporate leaders from the HR space. With this webcast series, we intend to address the relevant and trending HR and leadership issues from a ‘Vantage Point’ and to provide insight and solutions for the audience.

Partha Neog, CEO, Vantage Circle

Partha Neog

CEO & Co-founder, Vantage Circle

CEO’s Note

I am delighted to announce that Vantage Circle is bringing a new webcast series called Vantage Point – A View From The Top. Here we discuss and understand from the thought leaders on the massive cultural shifts and issues in the workplace today from their ‘Vantage Point’ and devise solutions to overcome and build a better work culture for all. So tune in and register now to get the best insights from the global experts, and let’s make our work environment more cohesive and human for all.


Guest Speakers

Tanaya Mishra, Guest Speaker, Vantage Point Webcast

Dr. Tanaya Mishra

Chief Human Resources Officer at Essar

Dr. Tanaya Mishra has the unique and diverse experience of having worked across industries ranging from Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, IT/ITES. She has been the Head of HR for ACC Ltd. Shoppers Stop, SBI Life and was the Sr. Vice President – Group HR for JSW. She has held several honorary positions, Member and Facilitator with APERG, has served as board member of NHRD Network, CII, subject matter expert with SHRM, executive council member EFI. She was selected to be part of the prestigious CSC Commonwealth Leaders and invited to Oxford and Buckingham Palace and has won many accolades and awards. The recent ones being the Women Super Achiever award 2016 and the Most Influential HR Leaders in 2017 and rated as India’s top HR professionals. The Pride of Maharashtra award was conferred on her in 2018.

Dr Adil Mishra, Guest Speaker, Vantage Point Webcast

Dr. Adil Malia

CEO of ‘The FiRM’ and One of the top 110 Influential Global leaders on ‘People-Hum’

Dr. Adil Malia is currently CEO of a boutique Business Management Consultancy called – ‘The FiRM’. Adil has over 4 decades of Top Management Corporate experience in India and overseas , working in large reputed professionally managed National and Multinational Companies like Godrej , GE, Marks & Spencers, Coca-Cola and Essar at Board Levels. Adil has experience of corporate working in areas of law, Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Marketing & OD at Senior Management and Board levels. Adil is a TedX speaker. He has won several national and international awards – including the HR ‘Grand Master’ award at the ‘WHR Congress’. He is ranked one amongst the list of top 110 Influential Global leaders by ‘People-Hum’, a global ranking organisation.

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