A strong Rewards and Recognition Program is the backbone of employee engagement in organizations. To meet the changing employee needs, a dynamic Rewards & Recognition program has become an inseparable part of great workplaces. The better the R&R program, the more likely an employee will go the extra mile to perform well and be a well-wisher for the company.

In this webinar, Anjali and Saurabh talks about how to develop an effective rewards and recognition program that’s going to have the maximum impact on your people.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of R&R and the implications of workplace changes.
  • How to define the philosophy and objectives for R&R in your company.
  • How to create an RoI driven approach to budgeting for the R&R program.
  • How to determine design elements including eligibility, types of awards, nomination and approval process etc.
  • How to implement considerations that include build v/s buy, launch, communication and training, user adoption etc.
  • How to track utilization and effectiveness; incorporating feedback from employees and managers.

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