Corporate Wellness in the New World

Streamed on 9th October, 2020

A Few key takeaways

  • Why Corporate Wellness is so important right now in a post-COVID world?
  • Why do the conventional methods of corporate wellness need a new structure?
  • How to go about setting up a Comprehensive Wellness Program for your company

About the Session

Corporate wellness programs promote and facilitate a holistic approach to the well-being of the employees by creating a culture that prioritizes overall wellbeing.

The COVID pandemic has been a huge blow to everyone’s health, wellness, and happiness. The sudden shift in work culture has driven employees towards adverse mental and physical health issues.

In this webinar, our guest speakers, Padmajaa Iyer and Saurabh Madan will speak about the importance of creating healthy habits, and about how supporting employees’ well-being journey in this COVID-affected workforce is the need of the hour.

Session Guests

Padmajaa Iyer

Padmajaa Iyer
Head of Wellness, Mu Sigma

Padmajaa Iyer is a wellness consultant, corporate mindful leadership coach and mentor, entrepreneur in the hospitality business, and a practitioner of holistic psychology.

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Saurabh Madan

Saurabh Madan
Communication Skills Coach

Saurabh Madan is an apprentice Leader, mindfulness and leadership development at Mu Sigma Inc.

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