Psychological Impact of Covid-19 on Employees

Streamed on 5th May, 2020

A Few key takeaways

  • The impact of COVID-19 on employee psychology.
  • How to improve employees’ personalities and behavior in workplaces?
  • How to boost our lost motivation for better productivity?

About the Session

The world is working remotely with fear and uncertainty about the future. This webinar from Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa, Ph. D in Psychology, talks about the impact that Covid-19 has on our professional and personal lives. She also briefs us on what strategies and coping mechanisms we can use to boost our lost motivation, job satisfaction, productivity, and a sense of well-being.

Session Guest

Menaka Seetharaman

Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa
Founder at LetsDRIVE

Dr. Varsha has a Ph.D. in psychology with over 10 yrs of experience in personality development and workplace behavior assessments. Her areas of interest are behavior modification, learning, and the application of psychology in corporates. She has authored several white papers and articles in international journals.

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