The All-in-One Employee
Engagement Software Platform

Add value to your employees for better productivity with our unified employee engagement software suite.

All in one Employee Engagement Software Platform

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the emotional connection which an employee feels towards their organization, that influences their level of effort in work-related activities. The main purpose of employee engagement is to create a work environment where employees love and care about their work.

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Reasons to Invest in an
Employee Engagement Software

Enhance Company Culture

Engaged employees are very much passionate about their work and they don’t mind going the extra mile to contribute to their organizations’ goal. They also play a vital role in establishing a vibrant and collaborative culture around the workplace with their constructive thoughts. Therefore, positively affecting the overall company culture for better growth and a prosperous future.

Enhance Company Culture

Improve Productivity

A big part of engaging employees for better productivity at work lies around recognizing their efforts and delivering meaningful rewards to elevate their satisfaction levels. With an employee engagement software suite, leaders can make sure everyone receives real-time appreciation from both their superiors and peers.

Improves Productivity

Promote Creativity

Employees who feel uplifted because of constant appreciation bundled with other work benefits deeply connect with their organizational goals and are proactive in generating the best ideas for fulfilling them.

Promote Creativity

Uplift Brand Identity

Having an employee engagement software platform is really helpful in analyzing the pulse of your employees and their outlook towards the organization. It enables human resource leaders within the organization for deciding the most appropriate way to engage its workforce and scale up the level of employee advocacy for better employer branding.

Uplift Brand Identity

Lower Employee Absenteeism and Turnover Rates

An employee engagement program implemented over a software platform ensures that everyone has access to all the components of the program for higher engagement rates that further leads to better employee retention and decreased absenteeism at work.

Lower Employee Absenteeism and Turnover Rates

Efficient Program Setup and Management

Employee engagement platforms with a ready-to-roll setup reduce the cost of running flexible employee engagement schemes and give organizations complete digital administration over their efforts to nurture an engaged, productive and future-ready workforce.

Efficient Program Setup and Management

Criterias to Choose the Best
Engagement Software

The conditions for keeping employees engaged differs from one organization to the other and the ability of the employee engagement platform to accommodate these varying requirements adds to the overall success of your engagement program.

Allocate points in bulk to teams, departments or numerous employees by simply uploading a CSV file.

A successful employee engagement program is one that can include your entire workforce with a secure yet easy-to-access mechanism irrespective of any geographical boundaries both over web and mobile interfaces.

The employee engagement software must be capable of giving you detailed insight into your workplace engagement initiatives to ascertain its effectiveness and for timely course corrections of your program without hampering employee satisfaction.

The platform should be able to integrate with your existing HRMS for quick onboarding and hassle free data management for seamless end user experience.

Discover the Best Solutions to
Improve Employee Engagement

Vantage Rewards

Vantage Rewards is a powerful SaaS-based reward and recognition platform that is easy-to-use and makes the employee recognition process easy, fun, cost-effective, and globally accessible with features like automated rewarding, budgeting and allocation, on-spot recognition, peer to peer recognition, management dashboard, and detailed analytics.

Vantage Rewards

Vantage Perks

Vantage Perks is an employee benefits and discount platform that allows employees to save while they shop with cashback deals and discounts. The vantage perks platform is constantly updated with exclusive corporate deals from top brands.

Reward Catalog
Corporate Discounts
Vantage Perks

Vantage Pulse

Vantage Pulse is an advanced employee survey tool that allows organizations to conduct timely engagement surveys in a meaningful manner. The platform comes with a set of predefined industry standard questionnaire that helps you get detailed insight into what your employees think.

Organizational Awareness
Employees’ Feedback
Vantage Pulse

Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit is an employee wellness platform that enables organizations to nurture a healthy workforce by enabling a gamified wellness experience. Vantage Fit is designed to meet your workforce’s wellness needs through team events and incentivizing health achievements with redeemable points.

Organize Office
Fitness Challenges
Create team
Incentivize Employees’
health achievements
Mobile First
Vantage Fit

Create a Thriving Employee Experience Through the All-in-one Employee Engagement Software Platform

Easy to Integrate

All four solutions are combined into one powerful platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing HRIS and SSO tools.

Power of Scalability

The employee engagement software suite is highly scalable and can adapt to organizations of all sizes and requirements.

White Label Solution

Have your own customized landing page that reflects your organizational theme for user registration and better participation rates in your engagement program.

Global Availability

Reward, recognize, and incentivize your employees no matter where they are from with our easy-to-use global employee engagement platform and create a holistic work environment for your workforce.


What you Actually Get

Enhance Employee Productivity

Enhance Employee Productivity

Your employees will perform the best when they are valued and acknowledged for their efforts. Regular, frequent and timely recognition will boost your employees’ motivation level and encourage them to go above and beyond.

Meaningful Employee Benefits

Meaningful Employee Benefits

Set a recognition-based culture with a point-based reward system that gives your employees the flexibility to choose their own rewards by redeeming their reward points as gift cards from the best online and offline retailers.

Wellness Driven Work-Culture

Wellness Driven Work-Culture

Create company-wide systematic employee wellness schemes for nurturing a healthy workforce and boost employee satisfaction for better performance.

Data-Driven Engagement Program

Data-Driven Engagement Program

Accurately analyze the engagement levels within your organization and find out which solution will fit your employee engagement requirements.


Integrations Right into your
Flow of Work

Seamless integration with your existing HCM/HRIS platforms and single-sign-on(SSO) tools, making it easy for you to onboard.

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