A customizable rewards and recognition program, that makes your people feel valued!

Cloud-based, employee rewards and recognition solution that is quick, easy-to-use, real time and designed for today’s global workforce.
Simplified Budgeting

Simplified Budgeting

Allows planning, analyzing and budgeting of rewards effectively and efficiently. Choose the budget that best fits for your organisation.

Flexible Budgeting

Enables you to plan out and break down the budget allocation for an individual employee, a department or the entire organisation efficiently and easily.

Optimal Allocation

Distribute your budget fairly, equitably and consistently among your employees in accordance with their value to the organization.
Reward Allocation

Reward Allocation

Appreciate and reward employees for their achievements and efforts. Rewards motivate employees, boosts their efficiency and increases productivity.

Easy Distribution

Reward employees easily with our point-based rewards distribution system. The customizable rewards allocation system allows you to allocate points in bulk or to specific employees or teams, all in a single click.

Real-time Insights

Keeps a record of the rewards you distribute across departments and other areas. Real time insights help you to understand and measure your ROI. .
Social Recognition

Social Recognition

Create a positive culture of employee recognition with our social recognition platform. Our cloud-based social rewards completely automates the rewards and recognition program, taking the celebration to a whole new level!

Social Dashboard

We make recognition more valuable with the social dashboard feature. It’s an employees’ social feed that is shared with their peers everytime you appreciate them.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Generate a culture of recognition amongst co-workers. Employees can gain appreciation from their colleagues and participate in peer to peer recognition visible in their social feed.
Points Redemption

Points Redemption

Redeeming points doesn’t get easier than this. Points once allocated by you to your employees can easily be redeemed by them as gift cards.

Multiple Choices

Employees have the flexibility to choose their own rewards from a wide range of popular in-store and online partners, including groceries, fuel, entertainment, travel, apparel and more.

Instant Redemption

The gift cards can be redeemed instantly by the employees once points are allocated to their account.
Realtime Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard gives you an insight into every aspect of your budget and rewards allocation within the organization.

Reward Management

Measure and manage your rewards in a systematic manner and reward employees in accordance with their value to the organization

Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard shows deep analytics and reports that allow you to quickly visualize your data.

Improve employee motivation, engagement, and productivity

Build a culture of employee appreciation

Being thankful and expressing your appreciativeness is important. At Vantage Circle, we encourage a workplace gratitude culture with our hassle-free employee rewards & recognition program.

Personalised rewards for employees

The workforce today is more articulate about their needs and seek incentives beyond compensation and conventional recognition programs.They feel valued when they receive custom benefits that are tailor-made for them. That’s where we come in.

Social recognition – A new way to celebrate

The best way for employees to flaunt and exhibit their hard-earned appreciation. Peer to peer recognition has proven to be a great driving force for employee engagement and enhances performance rate. It is a fun way to enhance employee interaction within the organization and improve employee motivation.

Recognize your employees on the go

The workforce today is dominated by Millennials and digital natives. They are tech-savvy, efficient and multi-taskers. They want to have immediate results of their work and hence instant recognition for the job. With our mobile-first application, you can ensure your employees are recognized instantly at anytime anywhere.

When your employees are duly recognized, they stick around

In the present scenario where job hopping a common phenomenon, the need for employee retention is huge. An effective Rewards and Recognition culture, flexible employee benefits, unique perks are the proven factors to increase rate of employee retention.

Build a positive morale at your workplace

Positive employee morale is crucial for every organization. For a productive workforce, positive work motivation is the key.A timely and consistent system of rewards and recognition culture is the key to keep your employees happy and motivated, which in turn improves the performance level and productivity of the company.


Join us and transform the employee engagement landscape of your organization that costs next to nothing!