Slack is a new layer of technology that brings people, applications, and data together. With Slack communication as our newest addition to Vantage Circle, we intend to provide you with a smoother experience when it comes to recognizing and rewarding your employees.


#Vantage Rewards Features on Slack

With our newest integration, the following features are available-

Slack Appreciations

Sending appreciations to teammates.

Slack Awards

Managers can give awards to their teammates.

Slack nominate

Users can nominate their peers for awards.

Slack Notifications

Getting instant notifications about the rewards and recognitions received.

Slack Installation

1. As an HR Admin login to your Vantage Circle account through our platform and navigate to the Add to Slack button from the profile drop down.

Add to Slack

2. A pop-up window will appear asking for the necessary permissions. The same window enables you to add a channel where daily interactions can be done.

Slack Installation

3. Click the allow button after which you will be automatically redirected to the Slack workspace.

You are all set and done to use your Slack account.


Our Slack app instantaneously notifies you with all the current activities going around
and makes the appreciation process easier with the Appreciate button inside the Home tab of the app.

Slack Appreciate 01

Click on the Appreciate button and enter the required information to complete the appreciation process.

Slack Appreciate 02
Slack Appreciate 03


Now you can easily nominate your colleagues by simply clicking on
the Nominate button in the Home tab and providing the required information.

Slack Nominate 01
Slack Nominate 02