Slack Integration

Make employee engagement and recognition quick, easy, yet more powerful than ever by using
Vantage Circle’s Slack integration to timely appreciate your employees and peers.

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Slack Integration-Vantage Circle

Enhance your recognition, communication, and collaboration initiatives with Vantage Circle’s Slack integration. Set and promote your company values with the help of various channels that you can easily create in Slack. With a real-time interactive feed, you can instantly reward and recognize your peers to boost morale.

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Leverage Employee Engagement
through Vantage Circle Slack Integration

Appreciate your Colleagues

Appreciate your peers in the form of non-monetary awards with different recognition badges to boost their morale.

Nominate your Colleagues

Nominate your peers for a job well done in the form of monetary awards and give away Vantage points at your convenience.

Social Feed

Get access to the company feed. Always receive notifications for company-wide social recognition posts.

Boost Internal Communication

Increase engagement, improve culture, and make teams even more cohesive no matter their physical location.


Easy accessibility of the leaderboard to keep check of the employees that have gained the highest number of recognition.


Users have the flexibility to access the integrated Slack through the website and mobile application.

Easy accessibility of Social Leaderboard with Slack

Get the competitive streak going. Celebrate the winners, flaunt achievements,
and display milestones with our fun and easy-to-use social leaderboard.

Easy accessibility of social leaderboard with Slack

Unite your teams by building a culture of recognition

Make appreciation a part of your company culture with Slack and Vantage Circle.
Build your employees’ morale with flexible employee recognition and rewarding processes.

Promote Values

Foster the company values with constant interaction by joining the rewards-recognition channel.

Ease of Participation

Recognition happens in seconds by entering the appreciate and nominate command wherever the Vantage Circle app is installed.

Build Teams

Instant appreciation of your peers and managers in a fun and easy way through an interactive live feed.

Hassle-Free Integration

Optimized integration process to onboard your teams in a fast and seamless way.

Encourage Engagement

A user-friendly interface for a smooth experience that enhances engagement levels.

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