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Maximizing Learning Potential: A Comparative Analysis of 10 Best Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs)

Discover the power of Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) in transforming corporate learning. Learn about the benefits, key features, and top platforms to maximize employee engagement and skill development.

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In today's bustling business world, it is crucial for both individuals and organizations to learn and adapt quickly. Traditional methods of corporate learning often need to catch up in engaging employees and providing personalized learning experiences. Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) are a modern solution designed to revolutionize corporate training and development.

What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is an advanced, user-centric learning solution that delivers a personalized and engaging learning environment.

Unlike traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), which primarily focus on administrative tasks and compliance training, LXPs emphasize learner engagement, content discovery, and social learning. LXPs leverage AI and machine learning to curate content tailored to individual learning preferences, providing a more intuitive and effective learning journey.

Key Features of an LXP

Some of the must-have features of an LXP are:

Content Curation and Aggregation: An effective LXP curates content from multiple sources, ensuring learners can access the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Social Learning and Collaboration Tools: LXPs facilitate social learning through discussion forums, peer reviews, and collaborative projects.

Integration Capabilities: An effective LXP should seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems, such as HR platforms and CRM systems, to provide a holistic learning experience.

Adaptive Learning Technologies or Personalization: LXPs use AI and machine learning to adapt content delivery based on the learner's progress and preferences, ensuring a personalized learning journey.

User-friendly Interface: A seamless, intuitive interface is crucial for an effective LXP. It should be easy to navigate, allowing learners to find and access content quickly.

Mobile Learning Support: With the increasing use of mobile devices, an effective LXP should provide mobile-friendly content, allowing learners to access training on the go.

List of 10 Best Learning Experience Platforms in 2024

Degreed : Empower employees with a platform that seamlessly curates and tracks diverse learning experiences.

Docebo : AI-powered LMS enhancing personalized employee learning experiences and engagement.

360 Learning : Collaborative learning platform integrating peer-driven knowledge sharing and course creation.

Learn Amp : Holistic learning platform combining engagement, development, and performance tracking.

Continu : Streamline training with an intuitive LMS tailored for businesses of all sizes.

Juno Journey : Personalized learning journeys that boost employee skills and development.

Udemy Business : Equip your team with in-demand skills via an extensive library of expert-led courses.

Cornerstone LXP : Create a continuous learning culture with adaptive, skills-based content delivery.

LinkedIn Learning : Access a vast library of professional courses led by industry experts.

SC Training : Mobile-first microlearning platform delivering bite-sized, interactive training for on-the-go learning.

What is the Difference Between an LXP and an LMS?

While there are some parallels between an LXP and an LMS, it's crucial to recognize their differences as well.

An LMS is similar to a Learning Experience Platform in that it allows employees to access training materials; the main distinction is in the method of managing the information.

With an LMS, the administration controls the resources and content. They design the learning curriculum and monitor employees' progress as they complete modules or courses. However, an LXP allows trainees complete control over the learning process. Employees receive ongoing, flexible education that exposes them to fresh material on a daily basis.

The 10 Best Learning Experience Platforms in 2024

Degreed logo


Why Degreed?

I chose Degreed because it’s designed with your needs in mind. Imagine having a platform that seamlessly connects all your learning, talent development, and career mobility efforts. With Degreed, you’ll get real-time skill analytics to spot and fill any skill gaps easily.

Degreed empowers you to build detailed skill profiles and access curated training materials tailored to your goals. Plus, the career mobility feature helps you discover hidden talents within your team and opens up new growth opportunities. Degreed is your partner in creating a skilled, motivated workforce ready to tackle future challenges.

Best For: Medium to Large Enterprises

Standout Features

Skills Graph

Integrated Content Management

Personalized Feed

Badging, Ratings, and Assessments

Curated Training Materials

Real-Time Support

  • Integration capabilities are seamless.
  • Offers a wide variety of courses to enhance your skill set.

Customer Review

“It has a wide variety of courses to offer, and there's something for everyone.” (Source: G2)

  • Initial setup and customization can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Users may need training to leverage all the features and functionalities of the platform.

Customer Review

“We need some improvements regarding accessibility and parts of the integration. Degreed is totally open to help us with this, but I find it a little bit slow.” (Source: G2)


Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Content Marketplace
Custom Pricing
Docebo logo


Why Docebo

Docebo is a cloud-based LMS software for enterprises emphasizing comprehensive training administration and tracking features.

Due to its comprehensive feature set, it’s one of the top learning management systems for enterprise-level training, including onboarding, customer, and partner training. However, the product might not be appropriate for academic institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Best For: Large Scale Enterprises

Standout Features


License Organization

Enables Mobile Learning

Automation and Personalization

Extensive Integrations

Social Learning Capabilities

  • Ease of use and navigation due to clean user interface
  • Docebo offers an efficient customer support team

Customer Reviews

“Good support from Docebo at set up and after when any problems arise.” (Source: G2)

  • Limited automation and reporting capabilities
  • No built-in AI-powered authoring tool adds to its limitations

Customer Reviews

“The reporting part of Docebo could be a little better. It feels like we have only limited options.” (Source: G2)


  • Zoom
  • Capital One
  • FintechOS
  • Samsung
  • Booking.com
  • Cloudbeds


Custom Pricing
360Learning logo


Why 360Learning

360Learning is a powerful learning engagement platform designed to streamline the learning culture for users. It empowers companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employees, customers, and partner growth.

The platform combines LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) capabilities and collaborative learning Academies to power your business’s upskilling flywheel. 360Learning also fosters communication through timely training feedback and surveys for better performance.

Best For: Medium to Large Enterprises

Standout Features


Enhanced Training Management


Certificates to Learners

Seamless Integration

Performance Reports

  • The platform is easy to use and navigate
  • Customer support is strong and efficient

Customer Reviews

“The ease of use and technical support is really great.” (Source: G2)

  • The mobile app has room for improvement
  • The platform, after updates, shows certain technical glitches

Customer Reviews

“There are a few small problems with the platform design, such as not being able to set courses as drafts and accidentally sharing them.” (Source: G2)


  • Similar Web
  • Michelin
  • Kingfisher
  • Bob
  • Dior
  • Cisco


$8/100 users/month
Business Plan
Price on Request
Learn Amp logo

Learn Amp

Why Learn Amp?

Learn Amp creates a learning application that combines LMS functionality with LXP features that your team members will like. By adding content quickly, creating templates, or selecting from content libraries, your training materials can be prepared in minutes rather than weeks. Then, you may use your content to create “Playlists” or routes that lead your employees through courses with carefully chosen content.

Users can tag their favorite content for easy revisiting, search for content they enjoy, or receive personalized recommendations. I recommend Learn Amp, where participants can take charge of their education and learning.

Best For: Medium to Large Enterprise

Standout Features

Holistic Learning Platform

Personalized Learning Journeys

Comprehensive Analytics

Integrated Content Library


Social Learning

  • There are flexible learning paths.
  • Content is tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Customer Review

“The content library of over 4000 items is a huge plus because it will cover a huge range of topics and in different formats.” (Source: G2)

  • It has a learning curve with many features in place.
  • The analytics and reporting of the platform could improve.

Customer Review

“The reporting and analytics could be easier and more flexible.” (Source: G2)


Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Continu logo


Why Continu?

Continu describes itself as a learning amplification platform that unifies learning, creating content, and building experience all in one place. You and your team can produce learning content, share and distribute materials to the relevant teams, connect and work together, and use real-time analytics to measure performance and engagement.

Continu also enables managers and team members to create custom courses and resources and customize learning experiences based on variables like an employee's department, location, or other custom categorizations. Users can browse personalized learning recommendations or use the sophisticated search function to find specific information or courses.

Best For: Medium to Large Enterprises

Standout Features

Content Curation

Analytics and Reporting

Deep Integrations

Learner Engagement

Training Management

Personalized Training Programs

  • Continu stands out for its ease of use of the platform.
  • The customer support team is knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Customer Review

“Continu is a modern and user-friendly platform, and their support is second to none.” (Source: G2)

  • Too many features in one place create a learning curve.
  • At times, new users find it difficult to navigate.

Customer Review

“Continu has many features to understand and takes time to navigate the interface.” (Source: G2)


Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Juno Journey logo

Juno Journey

Why Juno Journey?

Juno LXP is a customized skill-building platform designed for micro and macro learning. Using the on-demand catalog, learners can quickly seek content from multiple providers without committing to anyone. AI-powered recommendations underpin the catalog, guaranteeing that users receive learning materials tailored to their requirements and ability levels.

Through the Channels feature, learners can enhance each other’s skills by sharing courses with their teams. You can use tagging to assign certain skill labels to each channel, allowing employee cohorts to access training materials. Additionally, you may evaluate user progress, content requests, and export reports by utilizing Juno’s analytics capabilities.

Best For: SMBs

Standout Features

Centralized budget management

Personal content recommendations

External content curation channels

Skills analytics

Mobile Learning

Social Learning

  • Customer support is well-responsive.
  • Personalized learning paths and integrations facilitate user engagement.

Customer Review

“It tailors learning experiences to individual needs, ensuring relevance and maintaining high engagement levels.” (Source: G2)

  • You are likely to find bugs in some of the features.
  • Juno’s mobile learning experience could improve.

Customer Review

“Mobile experience is a little behind, but this is only me trying to find something I dislike.” (Source: G2)


Juno LMS
Custom Pricing
Juno LXP
Custom Pricing
Juno Full Suite
Custom Pricing
Udemy Business logo

Udemy Business

Why Udemy Business

Udemy Business is an innovative learning platform that offers a comprehensive suite of engaging, on-demand, immersive, and cohort-based learning solutions tailored to modern workplaces. It provides tools and strategic partnerships to build a future-ready workforce, increase employee learning and engagement, and drive business results.

The platform offers a learning environment in multiple languages and equips employees with the latest in-demand skills. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and development and helps bridge skills gaps, preparing teams for certification exams and enabling them to navigate change effectively.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Features

Different Learning Modalities


Personalized Learning

Analytics and Reporting

Custom Content Hosting

Extensive Collection of Courses

  • Offers close to 600 free courses covering a wide variety of topics.
  • Great customer support.

Customer Reviews

“Its customer support is great.” (Source: G2)

  • There is a lack of interactivity due to a lack of elements like live sessions or instructor-led instructions.
  • The mobile app has room for improvement.

Customer Reviews

“Mobile app is bad while loading the videos because very high-speed internet connection is required to play it.” (Source: G2)


  • Apple
  • PayPal
  • Tata Inc
  • Unilever
  • Samsung


Price on Request
Leadership Academy
Price on Request
Cornerstone LXP logo

Cornerstone LXP

Why Cornerstone?

Cornerstone Learning assists in establishing an atmosphere that enables employees to be successful and productive. It helps businesses improve their learning and people development strategies by placing talent management, LMS, LXP, and content distribution in a one-stop place.

With AI-backed recommendations, Cornerstone generates customized curated material lists that enable learners to take charge of their learning. Cornerstone LXP made it to my list because its actionable insights ensure learners have the autonomy and flexibility to learn from and interact with engaging content while assisting the organization in identifying opportunities to shape the company’s future.

Best for: Medium to Large Companies

Standout Features

Personalized Learning Paths

Multi-Modality Training

Reports and Analytics

AI Recommended Content

Content Library

Mobile Learning

  • It offers an easy implementation process for businesses.
  • The customer support team is responsive.

Customer Review

“It is quick and easy and offers great support.” (Source: G2)

  • The platform requires a learning curve depending on the number of integrations you use.
  • Reporting options could improve its scalability.

Customer Review

“I wish the reporting options were scalable.” (Source: G2)


Price on Request
LinkedIn Learning for Business logo

LinkedIn Learning for Business

Why LinkedIn Learning for Business

LinkedIn Learning for Business, a unit of LinkedIn, is a comprehensive online learning platform that enhances employees’ professional development, offering a wide range of high-quality, professionally produced content that is fresh and relevant to today’s workforce.

LinkedIn is widely accepted for its authenticity and content quality. It also allows an organization to upload its content and make it accessible to its in-house users. With strategic insights and data, LinkedIn Learning for Business helps organizations understand in-demand skills for today and the future, ensuring that employees are equipped to meet evolving business needs.

Best For: Companies of all sizes

Standout Features

Comprehensive Content

Personalized Learning


Skill-driven Outcomes

Dashboards and Analytics

Interactive Learners' Community

  • Organizations can upload custom content.
  • Offers a certificate for course completion, adding value to the CV

Customer Reviews

“It gives many courses which help us to develop knowledge and gain certificates which help us to build a good CV.” (Source: G2)

  • The platform’s focus on business, technology, and creative areas may limit its appeal to users with diverse learning interests.
  • The platform pricing is a bit expensive.

Customer Reviews

“The price of courses are bit on higher side and there is no option to skip any module.” (Source: G2)


  • Siemens
  • Finastra
  • Airtel
  • Allianz
  • BCD Travel
  • Atlas Copco


Individual Plan (Monthly)
Individual Plan (Annually)
$239.88/year ($19.99/month)
For Teams (2-20 users)
SC Training logo

SC Training

Why SC Training?

SC Training, formerly EdApp, is a cutting-edge, mobile-first microlearning platform designed to deliver bite-sized, interactive training sessions that enhance learning retention and engagement. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, SC Training enables employees to access training programs anytime, anywhere, making the learning environment flexible and convenient.

The platform incorporates gamification elements like quizzes and leaderboards to motivate learners and boost participation. Seamless integration with other systems and a vast library of pre-built courses make it an invaluable tool for modern businesses looking to upskill their workforce efficiently. It is also a free LXP for small teams, offering access to many of its core features.

Best For: Companies of All Sizes

Standout Features

Mobile-First Microlearning


Interactive Content

Customizable Templates

Content Library

Advanced Analytics

  • The platform boosts interactivity and engagement.
  • Customer support is excellent.

Customer Review

“The ease of usage is great, the support in place is fantastic.” (Source: G2)

  • Integration capabilities could improve.
  • The free version only offers English; no customization is available for any other language.

Customer Review

“There is only English as a course language in the free version.” (Source: G2)


Up to 10 learners
Custom Pricing

Benefits of Using an LXP

The main benefits of incorporating a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in your organization are:

Personalized Learning Paths: LXPs curate content based on preferences, roles, and skills, aligning learning with career goals.

Enhanced Engagement and Motivation: Gamification, social learning, and interactivity in LXPs boost engagement and motivation for training.

Improved Learning Outcomes: LXPs improve outcomes with personalized, engaging content, allowing self-paced learning for better retention.

Access to a Wide Range of Content: LXPs aggregate diverse content sources, offering learners a rich library of resources.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting: LXPs provide analytics to track progress, identify skill gaps, and measure training effectiveness.

Challenges of LXPs

Implementing a Learning Experience Platform can present challenges such as:

Resistance to Change: Employees may be reluctant to adopt new systems and processes.

Integration Issues: Employees may struggle to connect LXP with existing systems and software.

Content Migration: Employees may have to tackle challenges in transferring existing content to the new platform.

AI will increasingly drive the future of workplace learning, with LXPs playing a central role in delivering personalized, engaging, and compelling learning experiences. Businesses that implement these cutting-edge learning technologies will be in a better position to address the changing needs of their workforce.

  • AI and Machine Learning: Enhanced personalization and predictive analytics.
  • Microlearning: Short, focused learning modules for quick knowledge acquisition.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): Immersive learning experiences.

LXP vs LMS: Which is Right for Your Organization?

  • Detailed Comparison: While LXPs and LMSs are designed to facilitate learning, they serve different purposes. LMSs primarily focus on administration, compliance, and tracking, whereas LXPs aim to enhance the learner experience through personalization and engagement.
  • Scenarios Where LXP is More Beneficial: LXPs are particularly beneficial when personalized learning and employee engagement are critical. For instance, organizations aiming to foster continuous customized learning and development, upskill employees rapidly, or improve onboarding processes can significantly benefit from an LXP.
  • Transition Strategies from LMS to LXP: Transitioning from an LMS to an LXP requires careful planning. Organizations should identify their learning objectives, evaluate different LXP platforms, and develop a phased implementation plan to ensure a smooth transition.


Q.1. What types of content can be hosted on an LXP?

Ans: An LXP can host various types of content, including videos, articles, courses, podcasts, and user-generated content.

Q.2. How does an LXP enhance employee engagement?

Ans: LXPs enhance engagement through gamification, social learning features, interactive content, and personalized learning experiences.

Q.3. Can an LXP integrate with our existing systems?

Ans: Yes, most LXPs offer integration capabilities with other enterprise systems, such as HR platforms, CRM systems, and e-learning content providers.

Q.4. What role does analytics play in an LXP?

Ans: Analytics track learner progress, identify skill gaps, and measure training effectiveness, helping to continuously improve learning strategies.

Q.5. What should we consider when selecting an LXP platform?

Ans: The must-have features that one should ideally consider are user experience, content curation capabilities, integration options, analytics, and reporting features.

This article is written by Shabana Shahnaz, a Product Research Analyst at Vantage Circle. As a post-graduate in Applied Sociology, Shabana is passionately interested in people dynamics. She writes everything in and around Human Resources to help professionals find what they're looking for in the HR domain. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition