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15 Fun Activities At Work that your Employees Will Love

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Look around the room. Do your employees look miserable and desperately need a break? Then it seems like the perfect time for organizing some fun activities at work!

We all know how important it is for employees to be motivated at work. So we must invest in activities that uplift the mood of your employees. Happy employees are the key to good employee branding.

But activities that suit everyone are hard to find. So here is a list of great activities that are not only relaxing but also promote teamwork.

15 Incredibly Fun Activities For Employees

1. Outdoor Sports Match

What better way to relax and promote team building than to indulge in a team game? One can do this at a local park or on company property. Participating in a sports game will help promote healthy relationships between employees. Your employees will appreciate it when they learn about the dynamics of how a team works.

2. The Egg Drop

This is one of the most popular team-building games. It encourages problem-solving through teamwork. The game aims to create a package with limited resources for an egg to survive a 2-3 story fall.

It would help if you made the package with limited resources like straws, rubber bands, plastic, etc. The game usually lasts for about an hour.

The team that survives the fall is declared the winner. In the case of a tie height of the drop can be increased.

3. The Office Cook-Off

What better way to have fun than organizing a cook-off. This culinary event promises both smacks of salty - fun both ways. A cooking experience requires team members to pitch in together and be creative. This brings out the leadership skills of a few employees.

Have your employees pre-sign up as either participants or judges. Make a few groups out of these participants. The dishes can be anything from starters to desserts. Please make sure the groups register the cuisines they are going to cook. You don't want to have 13 different-tasting apple pies.

4. Is there a “Lip Sync Battle”

It's worth noting a thing or two from Jimmy Fallon. Dividing your office into small groups for lip sync battle promises nothing but fun. Have the groups pick a few songs beforehand and put on a show and enjoy! Yes, we know it's silly, but it's a great team-building activity with incredible potential for fun!

5. Trivia Night

We don't think trivia nights are just for brainiacs. Have a team compile a few trivia questions, select a reader, and voila! You have a trivia night. Activities like these consume not only less amount of time but also improves company culture. It acts as a great ice breaker for including new employees in your workforce.

The best thing about trivia nights is that it hardly makes a hole in your pocket. And don’t forget to include prizes for the winners.

Organize a trivia night and witness a healthy competition among your employees.

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6. Birthday Line-Up

This is one of the most effective ice breakers. Make groups of about 10 people. The next thing is to make them line up in their birthday(considering only dates and months).

The catch?

The team members cannot talk to each other. They must communicate only using sign languages to guess each other's birthday.
Sit back and watch how few people are born leaders, as they will generally play a leading role during this crisis. You will see them leading and taking charge of the issue.

7. Not So Boring Board Games

Let's look at the easiest and most convenient one on the list. Not only is it easy to organize but also inviting and easy on the pockets.

The key here is not to pick boring games! Nothing's worse than a boring board game! Pick games that are all-time favorites. Break teams and mismatch so that every couple is unique. You can also break big groups into smaller ones for specific games.

Don't conduct the board games during break hours! That's probably the worst thing that you can do! Conduct the games during office hours or as an after-office party.

8. Where’s Spider-Man When You Need Him?

This game is a bit demanding compared to the others mentioned in this list. This game teaches cooperation, leadership, and planning.

Make a giant spider web using a large woolen/cotton string ball between two pillars or two walls. Make teams of 6-7 members. The game aims to pass through the web without touching any string. When such a successful transition is done, a team is awarded a point. When a person of one team passes through a gap in the web, you must close that portion. This game demands planning and strategizing to optimize the team's score. Teams should plan openings accordingly in the web is utilized according to different people in the group.

9. Marketing Concentration

This game is a spin-off from the popular 60s game concentration. You have 30 tiles; all faced downwards. Each tile has an identical tile somewhere. Participants are allowed to look at one tile at one time.

After a tile is turned, it's turned back when the next tile is chosen. The game aims to flip matching tiles in a row.To give this game a marketing twist, you can put marketing slogans and company logos and have the participants match these.

You can throw a few individual games like these to change the dynamics a bit.

10. Blind Waiter And Leader

This a fun game to break the shackles of awkward communication at work. It's a great game to loosen up new hires and make them feel at home. This game requires a team of 4-5 members. One person should be the leader of the group, and the rest should be waiters.

The competition aims to pour a glass of wine for the leader.
The catch?

All the waiters are blindfolded, and only the leader can see whose hands are tied and is seated on a chair. All the essentials- wine bottles, glass, and corkscrew are hidden in the room. The objective is for the leader to guide the waiters properly to sip the wine finally. Teams are to be judged based on the time taken to complete this task.

This game naturally builds communication between employees.

11. Team Into Groups

First, collect a few random items and keep them on a large table. Ideally, the number of things should be more than 20. Make sure that the items are not related to each other in an obvious way.

Now the aim of the game is for the participants to categorize these items into groups. Since these items are random and initially not related to each other, your employees will be forced to think out of the box to categorize these items.

Make them write the categorization on sheets of paper for future evaluation.
For example, a water bottle and a wallet can be related. They both act as containers for the valuable stuff inside.

In this game, there are no losers. Only winners. Even your work environment will see an increase in efficiency as this game involves mental stretching..

12. Few Truths And A Lie

Okay, we get it! This is one of the most common ones, and almost everyone has heard about this. But we don't like to keep any stone unturned, so here goes.

It's one of the most uncomplicated games and helps act as ice breakers. It is one of the essential team-building activities.

Every participant must say a few things about themselves. Among the statements, one of them is a lie. So the aim for the rest of the people is to guess the false information. The good thing about this that you can play in large as well as small groups.

13. The Barter Challenge

This is another fun one. It usually lasts about 1-2 hours. This game demands not only cooperative skills but also tests your employees' negotiation and decision-making skills.

You should first divide people into groups of equal members. Now every group is given a different jigsaw puzzle of equal difficulty. The team that first finishes the jigsaw puzzle wins!

Sounds too easy? Obviously, there’s a catch.

The pieces of the puzzles are mixed with the pieces of other groups’ puzzle. The team has to somehow convince the other teams to exchange pieces with them. This involves teams trading pieces, negotiating or even exchanging team members.

This kind of fun activities at work calls for a superior level of problem-solving and team-building efforts.

14. Scavenger Hunt

This is another fun one. It usually lasts about 1-2 hours. This game demands not only collaborative skills but also tests your employees' negotiation and decision-making skills.

You should first divide people into groups of equal members. Now every group is given a different jigsaw puzzle of similar difficulty. The team that first finishes the jigsaw puzzle wins!

Sounds too easy? There's a catch.

The pieces of the puzzles are mixed with the details of other groups' puzzles. The team has to convince the other teams somehow to exchange articles with them. This involves unit trading pieces, negotiating, or even exchanging team members.
This kind of fun activity at work calls for a superior level of problem-solving and team-building efforts.

15. We, The Healthfreaks

Fun and health? It seems like an unlikely combination, right? Well, you can both have fun at work and be healthy at the same time. You can conduct fitness activities (both indoor and outdoor ones). Fitness activities are the perfect way to both drive employee engagement and build your teams’ bonding.

Conducts events where everyone in the company participates in. For eg, you can conduct a half marathon where everyone can participate in. Events like these are not only easy on the pockets but also extremely engaging for your employees.

Let’s take another example. Mountain climbing. Not only an activity like this can boost the health and endurance of your employees, but also provides your employee with a much-needed break from the hectic lifestyle. A long mountain trek provides your employees with a long amount of time to bond and have a lot of fun.


With increased productivity and a livelier office, these icebreakers are a win-win. Conducting fun activities at work might seem like an unnecessary luxury but it is a very important part of developing a great work environment. It’s difficult for employees to be productive when they face burnout day in and day out.

  • A recent survey found out that 23% of employees face burnout in office.

  • 50% of employees have one foot out of the door.

  • 25% of employees leave their job in the first year.

These are scary stats to deal with. If the potency of these can be reduced with simple fun activities, what’s the harm?

A scope for fun activities at work provides your employees with much need breaks and helps create a more efficient workforce.

On top of that having a fun workplace works as a good employer brand. As we all know a good employer brand is essential reducing attrition at the workplace.

And after all, there’s food, there are games and there’s wine. What’s not to like?

This article is written by Iftekar Ahmed. He works as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer at Vantage Circle. When he is not playing guitar or solving puzzles, he is often seen fussing over foods he can't eat because he is on a perennial dieting spree. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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