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Future Of Work... 2030 And Beyond

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The Future of Work... 2030 and beyond anticipates a transformative era shaped by automation, artificial intelligence, and remote work trends. This shift promises to redefine traditional job roles, necessitating new skills and adapting to evolving workplace dynamics. Exploring these changes provides insights into how industries and individuals can thrive in the upcoming decade and beyond

In this Vantage Influencers Podcast episode, Susmita Sarma hosts Abhishek David to explore the future of work beyond 2030. They discuss automation, AI, and remote work trends and how these factors will reshape industries and careers. They also share insights on adapting to evolving job roles and organizational structures in the rapidly changing landscape. Join them as they paint a picture of the future workplace in the coming decade and beyond.

About the Speaker

Abhishek David is a distinguished HR Management Executive and Transformation Leader with a proven track record in developing robust HR strategies, driving talent retention, and leading organizational development and change management initiatives.

He specializes in innovative people strategies and has successfully spearheaded HR transformations across the future of work, digital transformation, sustainability, and cultural change domains.

Abhishek is known for his strategic partnership with senior management, expertise in succession management, leadership development, diversity & inclusion, and fostering high-performance cultures. He is recognized as a top influencer and HR leader, contributing significantly to the field through publications and speaking engagements on digital-era talent strategies.


(01:10) Introduction of Abhishek David.

(01:25) Background as a Research Scholar and HR Thought Leader.

(03:30) Career highlights in HR transformation and cultural initiatives.

(04:15) Insights on the future of work post-2030.

(08:29) Strategies for talent management in the UAE.

(16:00) Impact of diversity and inclusion on talent strategies.

(19:43) Integrating diversity initiatives with upskilling efforts.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition